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Chess and cheeseburgers

Posted by: Kit Simpson - 08 March 2024 - Activities & Sports - Read time: 2 minutes

I am pleased to share a review of our recent ‘Chess and Cheeseburger’ competition at MPW London, which saw an enthusiastic turnout of twelve students. The event began with an overwhelming display of passion for chess, as eager participants dived straight into casual games, forgoing the tempting aroma of the cheeseburgers!

As the evening progressed, the competitive spirit intensified with our ‘blitz’ tournament, featuring ten-minute matches. Despite the competitive nature of the tournament, sportsmanship and camaraderie prevailed, with participants engaging in post-match analyses and showing exceptional respect for the game.

Congratulations are due to our top performers: Robert Ozherelev and Tanguy Durrant, with Robert securing the gold medal after a decisive victory. Aruana Yechshanova also showcased commendable skill, picking up third place with three victories.

Following the intense battles, our hungry competitors finally indulged in some well-deserved cheese (and veggie) burgers, before gathering for an award ceremony. Robert’s outstanding performance earned him a month of diamond membership on and a prestigious 1st place plaque.

Thank you to all participants for making this event a resounding success!