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Trip to the Goethe-Institute 

Posted by: Emily Dowding - 18 June 2024 - MPW London - Read time: 1 minute(s)

On Wednesday, the 13th of June, the Year 12 German class took a trip just down the road to the Goethe-Institute in South Kensington.  The students were greeted by the librarian Frau Winkler who gave them a tour of the institute’s extensive library. One of the reasons for the trip was for the students to find material for their upcoming individual research projected in Year 13, which was successful thanks to the large variety of genres the library offers. Frau Winkler also informed the group of all upcoming events and exhibitions which ranged from book club talks to panel discussions, and even introduced them to a robot who performed a short poem! After the tour, the students were free to roam around and pick up whatever book, graphic novel, or DVD they found interesting. Due to the library having a very large section on German artists, a lot of time was spent there.

This trip not only introduced the students to more aspects of German culture, but also gave them some valuable material for their studies for the next school year.