IGCSE Geography

The Course

Geography deals with the description and explanation of landscape features which make up the physical and human environment and, perhaps most challenging of all, examines the interaction between the two. Using varied resources including maps, visual media and GIS, you will have the opportunity to investigate important geographical issues with relevance both to the UK and across the globe. You will develop skills in independent thought, teamwork, enquiry and analysis, as well as an increased awareness of other environments, societies and cultures. You will participate in informed responsible decision making in relation to geographical news that affects themselves and others around them. In addition the examination includes separate fieldwork assessment, which is undertaken by the whole class as part of their learning. 

This one year IGCSE course offers both a challenging and demanding programme which provides students with a good grounding for Geography at A level. The subject also has strong cross-curricular relationships with other subjects including the Sciences, Business Studies, Economics and Citizenship. 

The course comprises three sections. We study two of the topics in each unit.

• Section A (The natural environment and people): (i) river environments; (ii) coastal environments; (iii) hazardous environments.
• Section B (People and their environments): (i) economic activity and energy;  (ii) ecosystems and rural environments; (iii) urban environments.
• Section C (Global Issues): (i) fragile environments; (ii) globalisation and migration; (iii) development and human welfare.

What skills do I need?

You should have an interest in a broad range of geographical issues.

How is the course assessed?

There is a single written paper worth 100% of the marks. The paper will contain a variety of question types such as multiple-choice, short and extended answer questions, graphical and data response questions and fieldwork questions. Students will also undertake fieldwork related to each of the topics as this is assessed in the examination. There is no coursework component. The paper lasts 3 hours.


Edexcel IGCSE Geography
By M. Witherick, S. Milner
Published by Pearson Education, ISBN 978-0435016951

Exam Board and Specification Code

Pearson-Edexcel 4GE0

Elizabeth Ryan
Head of Department