Birmingham - A Level Courses

MPW offers a comprehensive suite of A level options with 31 different subjects offered over six different course durations (including retake durations) and with no restrictions on combinations of subjects or course lengths.

Here you can read about the options available for taking A levels at MPW Birmingham. You can also see which subjects we currently offer at A level.

Two-Year Courses

Our largest category – the majority of A level students at MPW are studying on the basis of two-year A level courses.

Two-year courses are designed for:

  • Students who are continuing at MPW after GCSE.
  • Students from other schools seeking a specialist A level college after GCSEs.
  • Year 13 transfer students who have changed plans after an unsatisfactory first year of A level at another school. Depending on their academic progress up to the point of joining MPW, such students either repeat Year 12 or join MPW’s Year 13.

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One-Year Courses

Our most varied category - self-contained courses for students who have previous experience of sixth-form work. They cover the whole syllabus in one year and are run entirely separately from the second year of our two-year A level course.

One-year courses are designed for:

  • Year 13 transfer students from other schools who are able to complete in one further year but only by means of a self-contained course covering the whole syllabus.
  • Retake students whose previous grade in the subject is too weak to risk a short course or a course involving only a limited selection of units.
  • Retake students taking a brand new subject to widen UCAS options, give fresh motivation and avoid ‘retake status’ in at least one subject (making them more attractive to universities).
  • Mature students – especially those converting to Medicine following an Arts-based first degree.

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Retake Courses

MPW offers retake courses over 5 different start date/course duration combinations:

Full-year retake courses

One-year courses for students who have fallen substantially short of their target grades and who require thorough revision of multiple units, often over more than one subject.

Short retake courses

Four different options with start dates in either September or January for students who have narrowly missed their target grades and/or require retakes of only a small number of selected units – suits students wishing to pursue gap-year activities for part of the year.

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