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Seb Antoniou

Head of Art – Seb Antoniou

Seb holds a BA in Fine Art from De Montfort and joined MPW in 2011.

Work History

Since graduating, I have taught Art, Photography and Graphic Design at Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge for a number of years, and worked full time as an artist and illustrator in London. I now combine teaching at MPW and working as a freelance storyboard artist; producing artwork for companies such as Coca Cola, Sky, Honda, Nike, Adidas and Astra Zeneca.

Tell us more about your work as an artist

I have exhibited paintings in London and Hong Kong. Along with storyboards for television and online adverts, I’m currently producing a series of book covers for a publishing company, Intersentia.

I continue to be as passionate about learning and creating my own Art, whilst having the opportunity to teach and inspire students.

Tell us about your role at MPW

We are a small department made up of Fine Art and Digital Photography. We offer an extremely bespoke learning experience because of our small class sizes, with the opportunity to provide lots of 1:1 time with students. We encourage students to explore a wide range of art, express themselves, and find their own creative voice.

What is it like at MPW Cambridge?

Bespoke, friendly, an encouraging community. It’s a really supportive network of students and tutors who all want the best for each other.

Tell us about you

Beyond my passion for art and photography, I love playing and watching football, going to the cinema and spending time with my family. My own children have started taking an interest in Art and I’m enjoying drawing and painting with them at home.

Any tips for future art students?

Art is a skill rather than a talent so draw and paint as often as possible. The more you practice the better you will get. Try and get into the habit of drawing or painting a little bit every day.

The best thing students can do is go outside and be inspired by what’s around them. We all spend so much time on screens, it’s important to take a break, go for a walk, sketch and photograph what you find interesting.


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