A Level Law (Legacy)

What is Law?

A Level Law aims to present the general principles of English Law in a way that relates theory to everyday experience and shows its relevance both to the individual and as a wider societal concept.

What sort of student does it suit and what will you get out of the course?

For those wishing to pursue a career in Law, many universities now consider it, in its A level form, to be a valuable introduction to further and more intensive study. It is also a particularly suitable choice for those considering Business, Economics and Management courses. As the course is concerned with the impact of law in society, it would also make an interesting companion to social science A Levels such as Sociology, Politics and Psychology.

Students will not be expected to have any previous knowledge of the subject although good literacy levels are essential.

AS Level

MPW approach to AS study

Wide reading of textbooks and the press is recommended. Students will complete at least three pieces of work per week, one of which is a timed assignment under exam conditions. The focus in the first year is the creation of ‘building blocks’ and the learning of key concepts to allow the student to tackle problem based scenarios and ultimately synoptic elements at A2.

Your tutor will advise you further on the preferred textbook, but the ones below are some suggestions.

AS Specification Number
AQA 1161


Unit 1 (LAW01)

1h 30m exam 50% (25%)
Law Making and the Legal System.

Section A: Law Making
Section B: The Legal System

Unit 2 (LAW02)

1h 30m exam 50% (25%)
The Concept of Liability.

Section A: Introduction to Criminal Liability
Section B: Introduction to Tort

Reading list

Author Title Publisher
Charman, M et al  AS Law  Willan Publishing 
Elliott, C and Quinn, F  AS Law  Longman 
Martin, J  AQA Law for AS  Hodder Arnold 


A2 Level

MPW approach to A2 study

Students are expected to build upon knowledge gained at AS level and demonstrate their ability to apply it to a range of problem based scenario questions. There is an emphasis on essay writing skills, particularly in relation to the synoptic element in unit 4. Wide reading of textbooks and the press is required. There will be at least three written pieces of work per week, one of which is a timed assignment under exam conditions.

Your tutor will advise you further on the preferred textbook, but those below are some suggestions.

The Student Unit Guides are a helpful introduction and summary.

A2 Specification Number
AQA 2161


Unit 3 (LAW03)

1h 30m exam 50% (25%)
Criminal Law (Offences against the Person) or Contract.

Section A: Criminal Law - Fatal and non-fatal offences against the person

Unit 4 (LAW04)

2h exam 50% (25%)
Criminal Law (Offences against property) or Tort, and Concepts of Law.

Section A: Criminal Law - Offences against property
Section C: Concepts of Law

Reading list

Martin, J  AQA Law for A2  Hodder Arnold 
Russell, S  A2 Law for AQA  Longman 
Darwent P and Yule, I AQA Law Student Unit Guide A2 Unit 3 Philip Allan
Yule, I et al AQA Law Student Unit Guide A2 Unit 4
Sections A and B
 Philip Allan
Currer, J et al AQA Law Student Unit Guide A2 Unit 4
Sections C
Philip Allan

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