Birmingham - A Level Courses

MPW offers a comprehensive suite of A level options with 26 different subjects offered over six different course durations (including retake durations) and with no restrictions on combinations of subjects or course lengths.

Transfers at the end of Year 12

Our comprehensive suite of A level options allows transfer students the flexibility to choose the final-year A level programme that suits them. Students can enrol onto these courses in any combination, for example completing the second year of Mathematics A level at the same time as taking Physics from scratch over a single year.

Continuation into Year 13

Students who have performed well at the end of year 12 and are happy with their subject choices can progress straight into year 13 when they join MPW.

Those students who have taken AS levels on old specification subjects (available until 2018) will usually combine the AS grade they achieve at their previous school with the A2 grade they achieve at MPW to leave them with a full A level result.

Students who are taking reform subjects may have taken AS levels or they may only have taken internal end of year exams at school. The new rules for reform subjects state that all examinations for a qualification must be taken in the same sitting, so in the summer these students will take AS level examinations alongside the A level examinations, regardless of whether they have previously taken an external exam. This would be the case whichever school they attended.

One-Year Courses

Our self-contained one-year courses allow students to cover the full A level syllabus in half the usual time. This option would suit a year 12 transfer student who would benefit from revisiting the first half of the course content as well as the second, for example a student who feels they have underperformed in AS level or internal end-of-year examinations.

One-year courses are also suitable for students who would like to take a brand new subject from scratch. It is not usually advisable to begin a suite of new subjects as a year 12 transfer student but just one change can make a big difference. For example, a student who started year 12 studying Maths, Economics, English and French might realise that in fact their interests lie only in arts-based subjects. Dropping Maths and Economics after year 12 and continuing with English and French whilst picking up a one-year course in Religious Studies might make all the difference to their commitment and motivation during year 13, where they are able to focus on the courses that they are really passionate about. 

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Two-Year Courses

Occasionally we meet a student who has, for whatever reason, significantly underperformed in the first year of A levels across all of their subjects and is looking for a fresh start. These year 12 transfer students have the option to begin their A level courses again from scratch over two years at MPW. A  complete change of subjects is possible at this point and spending two years on their A levels allows students the opportunity to spend more time developing advanced study skills alongside their subject courses.

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University Applications

MPW will supervise the university applications of any student transferring at the end of year 12. Each student is assigned to a Personal Tutor, all of whom have considerable expertise in providing help and guidance throughout every step of the UCAS (or other university application) process. We are also able to arrange mock interview practice and university entrance test tuition as required. MPW will liaise with students’ previous schools where necessary in order to ensure a comprehensive supporting reference for university.


We recognise that it is often only becomes apparent that a student might benefit from a change in educational environment at the end of year 12. We are happy to meet students and their parents over the summer between years 12 and 13 and accept new student registrations right up until our start of term in September. Our experienced academic staff will be more than happy to discuss the process of transferring between years 12 and 13, and to answer any questions.

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