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Why take a GCSE Easter Revision course?

Posted by: Jo Carter - 05 March 2018 - MPW Group - Read time: 4 mintues

It is a difficult time to be a GCSE student. The government is currently reforming GCSE qualifications and students face new exams that some educators describe as “the hardest since O-levels” (BBC, 2017). Much is written about the pressure that students face but this has never been more true than of GCSE students experiencing, what is for the vast majority, their first taste of public examinations at such a disruptive time. In many ways GCSEs set the tone for the future. Doors open and close in response to GCSE results: progression to a chosen sixth form and choice in A level subjects being the most immediate, with further-reaching implications for degree options and, ultimately, a career.

MPW has been running Easter Revision courses for more than 30 years. Our experience and aptitude in this field is second to none and there has never been a better time for students to benefit from this. Our courses combine syllabus coverage with examination technique to fully prepare students for what is to come in the summer, as well as leaving them with comprehensive revision notes that they can refer to in their own time between the end of the course and the examination. There are three key benefits to a GCSE student taking an Easter Revision course:


1) Greater clarity and practice in the face of the new reforms
2) Securing a place at your chosen sixth form
3) A much-needed confidence boost prior to the summer

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