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2018 Prize Giving

- 11 December 2018 - Prize Giving

As the end of a busy Autumn term draws near, MPW’s annual Prize Giving ceremony provided the perfect opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the amazing achievements of our students in 2018.

Welcoming prize winners, their parents and staff, John Southworth, Principal of MPW London, highlighted another year of success for MPW London: over a third of A level entries at A*/A, over half of all GCSE entries at A*/A or equivalent and three prestigious CIFE Awards.

John also welcomed our guest speaker, Sir Tim Waterstone, founder of Waterstones, author, and philanthropist. Sir Tim, a former MPW parent himself, spoke of his affection for the college and how it had supported five of his children in achieving their academic ambitions. He recalled how his son, who originally achieved a U in Maths GCSE, rapidly converted this to an A grade thanks to his time at MPW.

It was then the turn of our students, many of whom had returned from University for the occasion, to take to the stage and receive their awards. We wish to thank Sir Tim, our staff and guests for supporting such a wonderful evening, but most importantly, we salute our award winners on their tremendous success.

The full list of our 2018 prize winners follow and photographs of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

Prize Winners

The Laura Freeman GCSE Prize
Katherine Chulack and Jack Madelin

The Sylvia Trott Prize for Languages
Niku Hessabi

The Denise Callaghan Best Performance in Arts Prize
Lara Meir

The Winifred Durnford Social Science Prize
James Sweeney

The Martin Dyson Science Prize
Kat Mackenzie

The Huw Thomas Humanities Prize
Catherine Richmond

The John McSkimming Medical Sciences Prize
Etay Dekel

The MPW Art Prize
May Mahuttanatan and Ji Wang (Wendy)

The MPW Prize for the best performance by a short retake student
Gaspard Douville de Franssu

The MPW Prize for the best performance by an A Level retake student
Carlos Monreal and Angus Treherne Pollack

The MPW Prize for the best performance by a lower sixth student
Maya Vander Elst

The Martin Lailey Prize for the best performance by a one-year A Level student
Hugo Paine

The Turnaround Prize
Tilly Henriques

The MPW Prize for Mathematics
Nico Sanchez-Thompson

IFP Prize
Anna Fischer and Chak Chi Wong

The Principal’s Award
Dmitrii Petrukhin

The MPW Outstanding Achievement Prize
Hatty Innes

The CIFE College Prize
Rebecca Bushell

Principal’s commendations

  • Hannah Otty
  • Asma Islam (Sadia)
  • Mimi Dey
  • James Maddison
  • Julius Nyonyo
  • Victoria Nathan-Maister
  • Rawan Alwali