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You’ll Never Walk Alone – My MPW Journey

Posted by: Tom - MPW Student - 22 October 2020 - MPW Cambridge - Read time: 2 Minutes

My ambition is to study journalism and so I decided it was important for me to study English Literature. Not wanting to rest on my laurels, I am now studying the English Literature A level on a one-year programme at MPW.

Before I started, I was on route to finish sixth form with only two A levels at my previous college. It was a very stressful Lower Sixth experience, as anyone can imagine. My mother found out about MPW through a friend; their child had a fantastic learning experience here. As soon as I submitted my application, I was welcomed by Graham Almond, the Deputy Principal. It was a very warm and welcoming call over Microsoft Teams (due to current circumstances). He clearly explained the style of teaching I could expect at MPW, the Timed Assignment (subject-specific weekly examinations) process and the pastoral support that students enjoy. It was an excellent interview that I thoroughly enjoyed. As I was taking English Literature, I asked for the texts we were studying and immediately received them. I then got to work taking full advantage of the resources provided.

The next step of induction was meeting my Personal Tutor. Although this had to be online this year, it was a brilliant social experience. My Personal Tutor, Frankie Frangeskou, was a pleasure to meet. It was apparent from the first call that I was in the hands of a professional. Frankie is my go-to. He has helped me tremendously with my UCAS application, giving his expertise and helping with every aspect of my personal statement. The once-a-week tutorial sessions with Frankie cover the entire spectrum of my needs: my wellbeing, my college progress and my university application. I am never on my own.

MPW excels in the classroom with a maximum of nine students in any class. In fact, I am in the very lucky position of being one-to-one with my English Literature teacher. The lessons are intense and brim full of the perfect balance between content and theory. My English Literature teacher, Krystian Mazurkiewicz, and I often find ourselves in insightful debates, going beyond the texts and the theory, and exploring the varied intricacies of literature. It is my favourite time of the week. The homework is regularly set between lessons, always enough to keep me busy. Krystian also perfectly ties our lessons into the weekly Timed Assignments. The Timed Assignment is at the nucleus of MPW’s education standard. Having the privilege of weekly targeted feedback and exam practice is exceptional. For English Literature, I am set past-paper exam questions giving me constant exam experience. By the time the final exams come around, I will have mastered them. I cannot recommend this method of education more.

To sum up my experience, MPW has turned my A Levels around. I am now predicted a grade A in English Literature which is phenomenal when comparing this to my achievements this time last year. My mindset has completely changed for the better. Through my own ambition and MPW’s support, I am more confident than ever that I will achieve my goal as a Journalist. I strongly recommend MPW to anyone.