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Exams are not cancelled

Posted by: James Barton - 01 March 2021 - MPW Group - Read time: 5 minutes

2021 bears all the hallmarks of 2020. Except with a significant difference. The education world is more prepared for it this time around. Politics aside, what the system failed to account for last year was the gulf in knowledge that GCSE and A level students had when embarking on the next chapter of their education; all too starkly revealed by the university drop out rate, which in turn has encouraged a burgeoning and highly competitive 2021 intake.

And that is something that should not be permissible again. Now is the moment for pragmatism. Therefore, this year should not be viewed as simply an exercise in achieving tangible Centre Assessed Grades. It is about ensuring that students are ready for what is yet to come. And that is front and centre in MPW’s repositioned online Easter Programme this year.

The cancellation of public exams has once again presented all schools with a difficult challenge. Schools are working hard to ensure that students can secure the grades they are capable of whilst upholding the integrity of the system and comply with stringent guidelines. We now know the process will be evidence based and teachers at all schools will be using a range of tests to help build this evidence base.  This continuous assessment approach leaves students with little room for practice and depending on the individual approach of each school the weighting towards a single “mock examination”, or limited set of test results, could result in unflattering grades for some students.  Without the usual internal tests to gauge ongoing performance students could be entering a period equivalent to the public exams unprepared and not working to their full potential.  So how can students prepare during this unusual period?

Answer; by getting an MOT. Sounds flippant, though it is perfectly plausible to consider this as a systems check-up. With all internal tests counting in some way towards your final grade this year, the only way to take a mock that will not count towards your grade is via MPW’s revision programme. It serves a very simple purpose, to highlight exactly where a student is in their learning ahead of – albeit revised – assessments that will be used to determine their grade.

Our renowned intensive revision courses will help consolidate your knowledge and target the most commonly examined topics and questions, and this year the final day will comprise a mock examination. Your papers will be marked by trained examiners with detailed feedback and guidance on areas to improve.  Mock exams usually provide an invaluable guide to performance as students prepare for their public exams, without this invaluable opportunity students are entering assessments without the beneficial practice and advice. This online MPW programme will provide excellent preparation for assessments set within your school on which your final grades will be based. The course provides a great boost to subject knowledge and exam technique to ensure you are well prepared for whatever tests you encounter whilst providing a safe space to sit an exam without worrying about the impact on your final grades.  Moreover, it ensures that you are well prepared for how to be a student afterwards.

These courses are designed to stretch and to challenge, to investigate and to instruct. They are designed to help those at the top end secure the coveted A* grades but are also tailored to those looking to move from a grade C to a grade B or better. As with the traditional external examinations securing a top grade, or improving on current performance levels, in internal tests and assessments at school requires a structured approach to content revision and effective question answering techniques to maximise your scores.

Our aim through this programme is not to try and reteach the syllabus again; rather to provide an honest and unbiased assessment on the current level of each student to give reflection on where they are now and what still needs to be done.

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