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Maths Graduate Careers

Posted by: MPW - 10 May 2021 - MPW Group - Read time: 3 Minutes

Studying Maths opens numerous career paths in both the academia/research space as well as the corporate world. The problem solving and analytical skills developed during your studies will make you very attractive to prospective employers across all industries in both the public and private sector.

Below are some of the ‘typical’ careers taken by Maths graduates, with some jobs requiring additional training and qualifications beyond university study…

Research Mathematicians and Academia

Research mathematicians conduct research in both pure and applied Maths and are most commonly employed by governments, manufacturers, private research laboratories and universities. Research roles can involve:

  • Producing original mathematical research
  • Analysing available data using mathematical software
  • Identifying solutions using new methods and models

Research roles often overlap with academic roles; academics in the Maths field hold a teaching position and are often regular contributors to publications and research. Many of these roles are based in universities and can be specialised in a particular area of maths.

Accountancy and Finance

Accountancy is a very popular route among maths graduates and is often part of a combined degree (Mathematics with Accounting). Careers in accounting draw on the problem-solving skills developed while studying maths and applying them to commercial scenarios.

Typical careers in this area can include and involve:

  • Actuary – measuring and managing the risk of financial decisions
  • Auditor – inspects the documents and works of accountants
  • Management Accountant – budgeting and strategic planning within companies
  • Tax Accountant – produces tax returns on behalf of individuals or companies
  • Corporate Finance Analyst – analysing companies’ performances that are the potential target for M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity
    • Corporate Financiers are closely linked to Investment Bankers – who are responsible for raising the capital required for the M&A activity


Similar to accounting, statistics is often combined with mathematics as a topic of study at degree level; statisticians are responsible for collating, analysing, interpreting and presenting statistics and quantitative data. From conducting surveys for product launches to publishing the latest statistics on a global event (i.e. the recent prevalence of statistics in coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic), jobs in statistics can span all industries.

Further to the above, there is a multitude of other careers where maths skills will benefit you – check out the careers site from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications to see featured careers.

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