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Boxing clever

Posted by: MPW - 09 May 2022 - Activities & Sports - Read time: 3 minutes

A group of female Geography students at MPW London have donned their gloves and taken up boxing to benefit both their physical and mental health. The classes began at the start of the current academic year, when Rachel Sherman, Vice Principal (International) and keen boxer, offered to teach the students who had expressed a real desire to get involved in the sport.

Since then, the weekly classes have grown, with more students taking part and other combat sports, such as kickboxing, added to the programme. The physical benefits of boxing for students may be obvious, but it is also hugely beneficial for their mental health – it relieves stress, teaches discipline and builds confidence. All qualities that make it the ideal pursuit for students dealing with the combined pressures of exams, coursework and university applications.

Rachel explains, “boxing, or fighting in a controlled environment, is amazing for mental health, it’s almost like mindfulness. The students end up physically tired and dripping in sweat, but also buzzing because they love it. They go back to their lessons full of the joys of Spring because they’ve just taken out all their stress on the boxing bag.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Rachel and from the students themselves.

Watch the video

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