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Why are Easter Revision courses so popular? Are the courses right for you?

Posted by: Junad Miah - 16 January 2023 - MPW Group - Read time: 5 mintues

Easter Revision courses at MPW becomes more popular every year, with increasing numbers of students opting to gain some additional help with their preparations for the summer examinations. Why are the courses so popular and is an Easter Revision course right for you? In this article, we will discuss the reasons why so many students are choosing to enrol onto Easter Revision courses this year, as well as explaining more about the structure of the courses and the way in which they are organised, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not they would suit you.

We will cover the following topics:

  • How to revise at Easter
    – Revising alone or getting help from an ER provider
  • Why is Easter Revision in 2023 so important?
  • How are Easter Revision courses organised?
  • What next?
How to revise at Easter
Why is Easter Revision so important?
How are Easter Revision courses organised?
What next?

"I couldn’t recommend MPW more. My daughter has just finished the Easter GCSE revision course programme and is now feeling so much more confident about her ability in the subjects she needed help with. She found that not only did the teachers identify and help her where she felt her knowledge in the subject was weak but they also taught her exam techniques that she has subsequently found invaluable. The revision notes at the end of the course have also really helped her with her GCSE preparation and she seems much less daunted now by the whole marathon of exams ahead. As a parent and as a former pupil myself of the school I can testify to the commitment and calibre of the teaching staff here and their complete academic commitment to both their subjects and pupils. I also found the reports given back to the parents at the end of course very useful feedback. "

Mrs Lucy Thistlethwaite, mother of a GCSE Easter Revision student at MPW London