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Students on their best behaviour during Supreme Court visit

Posted by: James Fewtrell - 13 December 2023 - Activities & Sports - Read time: 4 minutes

During the MPW Summer School students had the unique opportunity to visit the UK Supreme Court and witness the making of law at the highest level. This was an enriching experience that offered students a unique insight into the legal system.

MPW is always proactive in taking teaching beyond the confines of the classroom and as long as students promised to be on best behaviour, the UK Supreme Court provided the perfect learning opportunity that was both educational and fun.

One of the most significant parts of the visit was the chance to sit in and witness a real case between HM Revenues & Customs and a perceived Danish Company, given the number of tall people in the court. The point of law being argued was centred around our Nordic friend’s liability for a £2 billion tax bill. Having studied Friedrich Hayek’s theory of neo-liberal economics that morning, the students unsurprisingly were rooting for the Danes. Luckily, they were being admirably represented by Lord Pannick KC who, at over £2000 an hour, looked so at home in the Court room that he was practically wearing bedroom slippers.

Witnessing legal proceedings in action allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. One student described it as ‘stepping into the pages of a law textbook, but with the added injection of real stakes’. Despite the fact that there was not a wig or gavel insight, the UK Supreme Court itself was an architectural marvel. The building’s stunning design, a blend of traditional and contemporary, was a testament to its rich legal heritage and commitment to open and accessible justice in the UK. Exploring its hallowed halls and grand chambers was not only intellectually stimulating but also visually pleasing. This visit was ultimately an invaluable learning opportunity. Students could interact with legal professionals and ask questions to gain insights into the workings of the justice system. There was also an excellent and reasonably priced cream bun in the café which may excel their decision to further their legal studies!