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A brace of bake sales

Posted by: Various - 18 December 2023 - Activities & Sports - Read time: 3 minutes

This term, our students and staff had the opportunity to indulge in some delicious sweet treats, all in the in aid of two very worthy causes.

Christmas Bake Sale

On November 29th, the student council successfully arranged a Christmas bake sale for the Ronald Macdonald Charity. This Charity provides carers, accommodation and food for families who have severely unwell children in hospital. This is why the Council collectively decided that it would be amazing to work with this worthy cause! From delicious cupcakes to irresistible cookies, the homemade goodies emphasised all of the student’s great baking skills. The council members took time out of their extremely busy schedule to help sell as many treats as possible using a timetable system (Christine Gavin would be proud). They started outside Vice Principal Dee’s office and carefully transferred all the cakes to QGH at lunch time, becoming a travelling bake sale! Their efforts were definitely not wasted, as an impressive £350 was raised for the Charity. A big thank you to everyone that helped and donated, let’s do many more in the future!

Baking for Battersea

The Year 10s fundraising event for the cake sale was a resounding success, as students and staff banded together to support a worthy cause, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The event took place on Thursday 7th December; a colourful display of homemade cakes, cookies, and other delectable treats lined the tables. The delicious aroma wafted through the school halls, attracting a steady stream of eager customers. Students enthusiastically participated in the event, showcasing their baking talents and generosity even though a few were store bought! The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and the sound of laughter as everyone enjoyed the delicious offerings and chatted with friends and classmates. Zara brought in homemade cinnamon rolls that were made with Kayra and they sold out. We made sure to keep the prices not too expensive! This bake sale was hosted in school in front of Dee Robins’ office. Next time we should host it in an area were more people pass. We ended up wasting no food and it was all sold. The event not only achieved its fundraising goal but also fostered a sense of community and goodwill among the school population. We saved around £250 for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home charity. We had so many people buy and donate and by the end of the day we had sold everything. We were very happy with what we achieved and hope it helps the dogs and cats of London.