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Getting quizzical

- 18 December 2023 - Activities & Sports

This term, both staff and students had the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test at the college’s Student Quiz Night and at the Council for Independent Education (CIFE) Christmas Quiz.

Student Quiz Night

There was much competitive tension in the college on Monday 20th November when the Student Quiz Night took place in the Queen’s Gate library. Eight student and two staff teams pitted themselves against each other answering general knowledge questions ranging from ‘Whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore?’ (Pink) to ‘What is the world’s largest island?’ (Greenland).

The winners – Sabrina, Annabel, Charlie, Monica and Nadia – walked away with Amazon vouchers, the losers with the wooden spoon, and everyone was gifted with chocolates to share for being good sports. Where on the score board the staff teams came remains a closely guarded secret…

CIFE Christmas Quiz

The CIFE (Council for Independent Education) held its Christmas College Quiz Challenge at Queen Mary’s University on the last Saturday of the Autumn Term. Sixteen teams from independent sixth-form college from far and wide. The competition was fierce and we were very proud of the MPW team for holding their own, particularly given the broad range of the topics covered and, at times, the considerably cryptic nature of the questions. The final Christmas sing-along was easier for the clocking up of marks and, overall, all the teams came away fully in the festive spirit and feeling triumphant!