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Doctor in the house – healthcare expert delivers talk to aspiring medics

Posted by: MPW - 18 March 2024 - Uncategorized - Read time: 2 minutes

On the evening of Tuesday 12th December, the school was honoured to host Dr. Čalovski – an expert in healthcare and sociology, who delivered an insightful talk on the NHS to aspiring medical students.

The lecture traced the remarkable history of the NHS from its inception in 1948 to its current form, while delving into the structural intricacies of the health service and shedding light on its vital components. The talk sparked lively discussions, where students and staff actively participated in exploring the pressing issues confronting the NHS in the near and distant future.

Topics such as obesity, smoking, and the challenges posed by an aging population were examined, with students being asked to both evaluate and conceive solutions to these issues – some of which were well thought out and mature, while others downright ridiculous (at the request of the speaker). Dr. Čalovski’s expertise coupled with the interactive dialogue proved invaluable in enhancing our understanding of the critical issues facing healthcare today, and we are very grateful for his time and to Dr. Lindsay for facilitating this event.