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Unveiling Imagination: A MPW Creative Arts Exhibition

Posted by: Greg Ioannou - 20 June 2024 - MPW London - Read time: 2 minutes

During these two years at MPW I changed a lot and grew as a person and artist. I would like to thank all the teachers who carefully guided me along my path and helped me discover my talents. Here I met many good and interesting people whom I will never forget. It was a pleasure to study at MPW (Sonya Shopyreva).

Once again, for one spectacular evening on May 31st, the main hall at Queens Gate House was taken over by the art department to exhibit A level, GCSE and UAL Foundation art completed over the last year. The event was well attended and equally well received with parents and students praising the standard and creativity of art on display. The work ranged from imposing large scale layered figure compositions with use of projected paintings by Emily Cleveland to intricate pattern and form textiles by Lucas Amos and highly detailed realistic portrait drawings by Anna Wilmot. A particular feature was the use of digital prints enthusiastically adopted by some of the photography and graphics students including Estela Maria Lohner, along with ambitious and original 3d pieces by Mariia Kuzovkina.

Our special guest for the evening Sarah Lebrecht, a UAL representative, awarded the three art prizes for 2024. The A level prize was awarded to Sonya Shopyreva, whose sensitive yet theatrical eclectic use of mix medium culminated in some original and personal pieces including animation using her own dressed figurines. Oscar Sherbrooke won best GCSE student for his daring and innovative kinetic pieces and overall performance. Gianne Choy won the best Foundation student award. As ever, it was a challenge to stage the exhibition over just one day and the exceptional organisation skills of Bibi and reception staff as well as help and technical support from Robin, Arian, Ben and Ash, as well as Jenny’s and Jason’s assistance was hugely appreciated. We look forward to an equally impressive range of work to display next year.