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A level resits

Don’t settle for second best. If you didn’t get the A level results that you needed to secure a place at your first choice university, don’t despair. Instead of settling for your second choice university, or making a potentially rash decision through clearing, resitting your A levels might be the best decision you can make for your future.

MPW, one of the UK’s most respected independent sixth form colleges, can help you achieve your academic ambitions and get you back on track after a disappointing A level results day.

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Why resit your A levels?

There are many positives that come with resitting your A levels, including:

  • Time to plan ahead, study hard and achieve (or exceed) your initial predicted grades
  • Better preparation for life at university by studying at a sixth form college, giving you more independence, and ability to balance study with a social life
  • An additional year to mature and make new friends and connections
  • Depending on your choices, you may have also have the opportunity to enjoy a short ‘gap year’ activity or spend more time pursuing your interests

Why choose MPW?

At MPW, we have five decades worth of expertise in helping A level retake students improve their grades and progress to their chosen university. We offer:

  • Outstanding Russell Group placement record for retake students
  • Full-year and short course retake options available
  • Exam-focused programmes with regular timed assessments
  • Small class sizes
  • Expert UCAS advice
  • Highly qualified tutors
  • Supportive personal tutoring system


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A level retake success stories

"MPW gave me a second chance in pursuing a career in dentistry. The small class sizes and weekly timed assessments gave me and my tutors a clear indication of my progress. The rigorous teaching schedules, structured and tailored to my personal needs, was exactly what I needed. MPW placed heavy focus on exam technique as the key to achieving the required higher grades. Being able to talk with my tutors at any time in the day was an invaluable aid. It was also clear how much the teachers took a personal interest in the development of each individual student."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*AA Progressed to: King’s College London (Dentistry)

"I have definitely made the right decision to come to MPW - my grades have gone from averaging Es to straight As. Teaching at MPW is much more personal and I felt like talking to teachers. They are very good and give you lots of support if you do not understand something. My Personal Tutor took me through the UCAS process step by step. We went through my Personal Statement many times to make sure it was completely perfect. I am very excited about my firm choice."


Grades achieved at MPW: AAA Progressed to: Warwick University (Chemistry)

"My teachers and Personal Tutor were an immense support and rapidly diminished my feelings of doubt. They didn’t set boundaries as to how much I was likely to achieve, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and, as a result helped me achieve my full potential"


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A* (Improved from grades CC) Progressed to: Durham University (Psychology)

"The Personal Tutors at MPW are extremely supportive and make things so much easier. They constantly check-up on you and are always available when you are feeling stressed. It's not only the Personal Tutors though. The subject tutors are amazing! It's so helpful and lovely that they care about you so much. They genuinely want you to do well and fulfil your true potential."


Grades achieved at MPW: A*A*A Progressed to: King's College London (Medicine)