Parent Comments

Leaders and teachers work very effectively with parents and carers. Parents are encouraged to come into the school and the principal and other staff always make time to diuscuss any issues and queries they may have.
Ofsted Inspection Report 2018 - Effectiveness of leadership and management

“I cannot say thank MPW enough for all the college has done for my son. The teaching has been excellent and what has made all the difference has been the support from the Personal Tutor who really connected with him. A year ago, we had a very dejected son whose confidence had been hit hard, but now he has a place at his first choice university and is flying!” Parent of a One-year A level student

“I don't have words to thank the tutors for their ongoing support of my son; without their help and encouragement I don't think he could have done it.  His tutor not only enabled him to cope with exams and the university application process, but kept me going as well whenever I was down in the dumps.  I just wish there were more teachers like those at MPW.  Thank you once again from our whole family.” Parent of a Two-year A level student

“The teaching my daughter received on the Easter revision course in English Literature made it a natural decision for her to continue supplementary tuition in the run up to her examinations. I only wish we had taken advantage earlier of the excellent provision at MPW. As parents we always had faith in her, but this had been damaged by her previous educational experience; the tutor at MPW restored her self esteem and made her realise she could achieve great things.” Parent of an Easter revision and supplementary student

"Being at MPW has been a really positive experience for my daughter and I cannot praise the college enough. Her brother came here the previous year so we knew we could trust the quality of education and support. She came for a one year A level course to retake Mathematics and Biology. Although her previous A level grades would have enabled her to attend a different university, she had her heart set on Law at LSE and at MPW they supported her determination to reach for the stars.  My daughter never accepted other people’s views that her grades were good enough and she has found at MPW that individual approach to learning and encouragement to gain the top grades. She had attended an Easter revision course and was extremely impressed with the small groups and focus on the way that she learned best. With excellent guidance from her Personal Tutor who is also the Principal, she has gained her coveted place at LSE. As with her brother, the year at MPW has been a real maturing process, preparing her for the greater independence of university." Parent of a One-year A level student

"My daughter joined MPW to pursue a one year intensive A level in English Literature which would enable her to study English and Philosophy at University of East Anglia, having previously specialised in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. What immediately impressed me was the quality of support from the Personal Tutor, the Principal Mark Shingleton; her confidence blossomed in her time here and she literally bounced out of her weekly meeting with him. Her English tutors were terrific, with so much passion and engagement for their subject. Initially, I was unsure how Anna would respond to authors as diverse as Chaucer, Dickens and Carter, but she came home buzzing with enthusiasm about her lessons. The Timed Assignments are excellent as they allowed her to know exactly how she was performing and kept her focused at all times." Parent of a One-year A level student

“The level of support offered to my son during his time at MPW Birmingham has been tremendous.  He has really enjoyed learning and the detailed careers advice he has received has enabled him to gain entry onto a course that he was really passionate about” Parent of a Two-year A level student

“MPW Birmingham had a profound and positive impact upon my daughter’s fortunes. I cannot thank the Principal and his colleagues enough. The College not only helped her achieve outstanding grades to take up a place at Cambridge but also helped her socially. It is an excellent College” Parent of a Two-year A level student

“We admire your commitment to helping young people achieve their goals in life and wish all colleges would strive to support their students in a similar way.” Parent of a short course A level student

“We are so proud of our daughter’s achievements and would like to thank everyone at MPW Birmingham in helping her achieve the outstanding grades which she did” Parent of a One-year A level student

What we have always been impressed with is the class sizes that MPW Birmingham offers.  My daughter was in a group of three students for English and six for Chemistry and Biology. There is no doubt in my mind that this level of individual attention in class helped to secure grades much higher than she would otherwise have achieved.” Parent of a Two-year A level student

“My daughter really enjoyed her time at MPW Birmingham and left with fantastic grades.  I was always able to call the college and speak to her Personal Tutor to find out about her grades and how she was progressing.  This really reassured me that she was on the right track with her studies.  She is now at university and is flourishing as a result of the skills she developed while she was at the college” Parent of a Two-year A level student

“I would like to thank the Chemistry and Mathematics departments at MPW Birmingham for the way in which they have supported my daughter helping her obtain the grades needed to study Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool. She also received fantastic support from her Personal Tutor who helped in all aspects of her application to university, including the writing of her personal statement and preparing for interview. I would definitely recommend MPW” Parent of a short course A level student

“The support and professionalism provided by MPW Birmingham to my son are very much appreciated by my family. When we came to the College my son had received a knock, but very quickly his confidence came back and he is now studying dentistry. MPW has been excellent for him and I am so thankful to the Principal and his teachers.  My son obtained more careers support during his time at MPW than he ever did previously” Parent of a short course A level student

“Both my husband and I have been very impressed by our daughter’s experiences at MPW Birmingham. It is a well organised school which is flexible. I never had a problem getting in contact with her Personal Tutor. She received a lot of support and the weekly Timed Assignments really helped her. I have no hesitation in recommending MPW” Parent of a One-year A level student