Student Case Histories

(most recent case histories from 2016/2017 from the top)


Renee Case Study

A level subjects taken and results: Biology - A*, Latin - A

Renee joined MPW to commence a one-year A level programme with the ambition of studying Dentistry.  Renee has won a place to study Dentistry at the University of Manchester.



After failing to get into Dental School last year I lost a lot of confidence and was worried that I might never get into my dream course.  The one-to-one support you get from MPW is so much more efficient compared to the main stream schools and colleges. The individual help you get for applying to University which includes interview support is amazing. No matter if you are a resit or a first time student, no one judges you and as long as you are hardworking and want to be a success.



Annabel Case Study

A level subjects taken and results: History - A*, Politics - A, Spanish - B

Annabel joined MPW as a one-year A level student and has won a place at Exeter University to study International Relations and History.



Having not achieved the grades I wanted or needed in my A levels at my previous college I decided that retaking would be the best option for me.  I have found the small classes at MPW to be a real asset, and that, coupled with the fantastic teaching, has certainly enabled me to grow academically. Further to this, both the academic support and the university guidance provided by the college have been exceptional.


Jonny Case Study

A level subjects taken and results: Business Studies A*, History - A, Politics - A

Jonathon joined MPW to commence a one-year A level programme that would enable him to realise his ambition of studying Business Management at Exeter University.



I chose MPW because of the academic support provided by the college, which was instrumental in helping me throughout the challenging nature of my one-year A level courses. The weekly Timed Assignments and assistance provided by the Personal Tutor system helped me in areas I had previously struggled. Playing for the college football team was a great release from the challenging academic nature of the year and it helped me build friendships with other students in the college.



Jasbir completed a two-year GCSE course, achieving A*A*A*A*AAAAA.

Jasbir is now embarking on a two-year A level programme in Maths, Chemistry, and Psychology at MPW.

The teaching is beyond excellent and the effort to which teachers go to ensure an understanding of a topic and to ensure a student is happy with a topic is beyond commendable. There is a sense of not having to fear asking questions as the bond made between the student and the teacher gives you the confidence to approach a teacher when you require help. The learning is not only restricted to lessons, there is support available outside the classroom such as seeing a teacher personally to go over or indulge on a specific issue you are facing in a subject. This was one of the many things I admired about the college.  


Shivali Case Study

A level subjects taken and results: Biology - A, Chemistry - A, Geography - A

Shivali joined MPW as a one-year A level student and has won a place to study Dentistry at Leeds University.


The best part about studying at MPW is the friendly, encouraging and supportive classroom environment that MPW provides.  It makes asking for help and reaching your potential easy and enjoyable. The college really helps students to believe in themselves.  The Personal Tutor system is great because it is available for you to use to whatever extent you might need whether that be having weekly meetings or meeting every now and then for a quick catch up to analyse my current progress.  The weekly Timed Assignments have also enabled me to build my confidence in the build up to my exams.  They help you to feel comfortable in an exam environment, as well as enable you to consolidate the material you need to recall in the final exams


Jake Thumb 2

A level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*, Further Mathematics – A*, Further Mathematics Additional - A*, Physics – A*, Chemistry - A

Jake was a two-year A level student at MPW.  He has won a place to study Mathematics at Oxford University.


I joined MPW because I wanted to be part of a close knit community that focuses on helping students attain the grades they are really capable of.  Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor who assists them in all aspects of student life.  I would recommend the individual and personally tailored care given to any student looking to expand their academic horizons.  The encouragement and support has allowed me to aim high and achieve results that I had previously thought weren't possible. 


Ajeet Web

Ajeet completed a two-year GCSE course, achieving A*A*A*AAAAAAB. 

Ajeet is now embarking on a two-year A level programme in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Business Studies at MPW. 

My time in MPW has been great. After coming from a school with large class sizes, the smaller environment benefited my understanding of each subject significantly.  The Timed Assignments allowed me to constantly evaluate my progress.  This allowed me to improve my understanding of content before I sat my final examinations.


Olivia ThumbA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A*, Chemistry – A, English Literature - A

Olivia joined MPW to complete her A levels in Biology, Chemistry and English Literature.  Olivia is studying Dentistry at Bristol University.

Throughout my time at MPW I have been provided with constant support.  The college has prepared me for not only my exams but also the university interviews I attended.  It has been an amazing experience from start to finish.  The friendly and welcoming environment created by the staff and students made it an ideal setting for me to concentrate on achieving my targets.



Josephine ThumbA level subjects taken and results: Economics - A*, Mathematics - A, Business Studies - A

Josephine joined MPW to commence a two-year A level programme.  She has won a place to study Management at the University of Warwick.

I joined MPW having not fulfilled my academic potential during my AS level exams at my previous school. I decided to retake my AS year at MPW and it was the best decision I ever made. The tutors at MPW have pushed me to achieve my maximum potential and have greatly improved my academic performance. The best part of studying at MPW is the weekly timed assignments as they ensure that you continuously review and revise work as well as helping you to make weekly improvements on exam technique.  This system gives the opportunity to gain feedback from teachers over work completed in exam conditions.



Sadie ThumbA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Chemistry – A,  Mathematics - A

Sadie joined MPW to complete her A levels after being disappointed with the progress she had made at her previous school.  Sadie is now studying Dentistry at the University of Bristol.

 The teaching at MPW has been outstanding and the support I have been provided with has been like no other school I have been to.  I have loved my time at MPW.  It was exactly what I needed after failing to achieve the grades I required at my previous school.  The atmosphere and support is outstanding and enabled me to achieve something I didn’t think was possible.


Ellie 3A level subjects taken and results: Biology - A, Chemistry - A, Spanish - A

Ellie joined MPW with the ambition of becoming a medic.  She is now studying Medicine at the University of Bristol.

MPW offers a more individual approach to education with smaller class sizes making learning much easier.  The weekly timed assignments mean that when issues arise they are identified and resolved very quickly.  MPW is not like other schools.  It encourages students to be mature and independent which enabled me to take responsibility for my education.  I credit my success to the exceptional teaching standards, the dedication of the staff and the incredibly positive atmosphere that exists in the college.


Cordelia ThumbA level subjects taken and results: Chemistry - A*, Biology - A, Mathematics - A

Cordelia joined MPW to complete her A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.  Cordelia has won a place to study Dentistry at King’s College London.


MPW gave me a second chance in pursuing a career in dentistry. The small class sizes and weekly timed assessments gave me and my tutors a clear indication of my progress.  The rigorous teaching schedules, structured and tailored to my personal needs, was exactly what I needed. MPW placed heavy focus on exam technique as the key to achieving the required higher grades. Being able to talk with my tutors at any time in the day was an invaluable aid. It was also clear how much the teachers took a personal interest in the development of each individual student.


Ali SmallA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Business Studies - A, Chemistry – A

Ali commenced a two-year A level programme at MPW after failing to fulfil his potential in his AS subjects at his previous college.


The tutors at MPW went out of their way to support me in my academic ambitions. They often stayed late to help me with areas of my subjects I needed support in. They push you until you realise your academic potential. My journey at MPW has involved a lot of hard work but it has been really enjoyable.  The weekly Timed Assignments motivated me to improve my performance on a weekly basis. MPW has allowed me to really turn things around.


Alex SmallA level subjects taken and results: English Literature - A, Law - A, Economics - A

Alex was a two-year A level student at MPW. He has won a place to study Law at the University of Birmingham.

I came to MPW with very low self-confidence after under-achieving at AS level at my previous school, and have left with greater confidence about my academic ability and with a definite degree of clarity about what I hope to achieve in terms of my career. My experience at my previous school was that those with Oxbridge potential receive the most support and attention. This is not the case at MPW. I have found that it does not matter about that what the student's potential may be, each student receives the same amount of help to achieve their goals.



Puja SmallA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A*, Chemistry – A

Puja joined MPW as a one-year A level student. She has won a place to study Dentistry at Cardiff University.

It's not easy when things don't go as planned the first time and picking yourself up and trying again is even harder. I came to MPW in search of that second chance. I wanted support and guidance and I found that MPW offered me this all year long.

  From the very first day at the college I felt motivated by the charisma and positive attitude of the tutors who were always there to offer a helping hand. The college has a close knit, friendly environment and there is a real sense of warmth and determination amongst everyone studying here. Being at MPW showed me the importance of believing in yourself and that is always possible to achieve your goals.



John SmallA level subjects taken and results: Business Studies - A, History - A, English Literature - B

John joined MPW as a one-year A level student.  He was awarded A,A,B and is studying Combined Honours History and Business at Newcastle University.  


My experience at MPW has been essential in reaching my full academic potential. MPW has given me the confidence I previously lacked. The weekly assessments in all my subjects allowed me to identify my weaknesses and make the neccasary improvements. I have been supported in every aspect of college life and have wholeheatedly enjoyed the challenges I have been set.


Georgie SmallA level subjects taken and results: Biology - A, English Literature - B

Georgina achieved A,B in one-year A level courses at MPW and is now studying Diagnostic Radiotherapy at University of Exeter.

MPW changed my attitude towards education and helped me rediscover my academic self-belief.  After losing confidence in my ability at my previous school, MPW enabled me to pick myself up and gain entry to my course at the University of Exeter. The support they have given me has been crucial to my success as an A level student. I chose MPW because of its flexibility of courses and the reputation of the tutors. It has transformed my attitude to work completely.


Jonty SmallA level subjects taken and results: Business Studies - A, Spanish - A, Classical Civilisation - B

Jonty joined MPW as a one-year A level student and is now studying Spanish and Management at King's College London.  


When I first walked into MPW I was a stubborn 18 year old who was happy to accept second best. It wasn't until my interview with the Principal that I realised it was possible to aim for AAB and after talking things through with my father I decided to commit to MPW. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. After only one year I believe I have matured so much. Much of this is down to the college community at MPW. Before I arrived I thought it was purely a "crammer college". However, MPW offers much more than academic success like the football team which has allowed me to make many good friends. I would like to thank the Principal for creating an environment where the pupils are treated like adults and where college is an enjoyable place to be as well as work. I would also like to thank everyone who is involved at MPW for making my stay so memorable. 


DAVID 1 A level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*, Further Mathematics – A, Physics – A

David joined MPW as a one-year A level student. He was awarded grades A*,A, A and is studying Mechanical Engineering with French at Sheffield University.

What stood out for me at MPW was the care and attention taken to ensure I would be in the strongest position possible to fulfil my academic ambitions.  Having not quite achieved what I wanted in my International Baccalaureate at my previous school, deciding whether or not to start A Level subjects from scratch was daunting.  Thankfully, every decision I needed to make regarding my studies was discussed at length and evaluated with regards to what would be best for me.  The level of care and kindness offered to every student who sets foot through the door fills you full of confidence and was the main reason I joined MPW.


Anna 2A level subjects taken and results: Chemistry – A, Mathematics – A, Biology – A 

Anna was a two-year A level student at MPW.  She won a place to study Zoology at Exeter University.

I joined MPW to be treated as an adult and benefit from the individual tutoring provided in addition to the timetabled classes. I also chose the college because of the wide variety of subjects available, as I was keen to take Photography as an AS subject. The teaching staff are all friendly and approachable, clearly caring about the students. MPW has many very helpful systems within the college: Timed Assignments identify my strengths and my weaknesses within each subject, creating short term goals and making me revise long before my final exams. At MPW, your personal tutor is willing to help with any problems you have so that, providing you put in the work, you will get the grades you want. The UCAS support I recieved from my personal tutor has helped make my univerity dream a reality.


FarahA level subjects taken and results: Psychology - A*, Biology - A, Chemistry - A

Farah joined MPW after being disappointed with her AS results while studying at her previous college.  She has won a place to study Dentistry at Plymouth University.


What helped me the most in achieving my grades was the amount of support available at MPW. There were times when I doubted my abilities, but my personal tutor provided a constant and unfaltering support system for me, believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. I was supported endlessly both academically and non-academically. With determination and effort I feel that any student can achieve the grades that they aspire to reach. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. 


AleshaAS level subjects taken and results: Classical Civilisation – A, Government and Politics – A, English Literature – B

Alesha joined MPW after being disappointed with her AS results while studying at her previous college.

MPW has prepared me for university by developing my social skills and management of workload. The timetabling system has helped me become more independent and take further responsibility for my education making sure I attend my lessons on time and manage my free periods in a manner that will benefit me in the long term. The information provided in regards to higher education and career pathways has allowed me to become more aware and prepare myself for the future in the best way possible.



SarahA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Chemistry – A, Mathematics – B

Sarah completed her A level studies at MPW with the aspiration of studying Medicine at university. In June 2014 she achieved grades A,A,B winning a place to read Medicine at Hull York Medical School.

The Timed Assignments enabled me to realise what mistakes I was making and what I didn't know, so guided me as to the areas on which to work. Having a personal tutor allowed me to share my concerns about everything - academic and personal - improving my confidence and belief in my ability. I really appreciated the revision techniques which have helped me not only during my time at MPW but also in the future. As well as the academic support MPW gave me I prepared and sat a series of mock interviews which helped me to gain a place studying Medicine.


InderpalA level subjects taken and results: Biology - A*, Chemistry – B, Mathematics – B

Inderpal joined MPW after being disappointed with his AS results while studying at his previous college.

Having achieved four U grades at AS level at my previous college, I was over the moon to finish at MPW with A*, B, B and a place at Birmingham University.  I’d like to thank all the staff at MPW for constantly pushing me to help me achieve my potential. From my initial meeting with Principal it was immediately clear to me that MPW was the perfect environment for me to do well. The support offered by tutors motivates you to work hard and fulfil your potential. 


Linh 150 150AS level subjects taken and results: Economics - A, History - A, Mathematics - A, Politics - A

Linh is an international student from Vietnam who is in the first year of a two-year A level programme in Economics, Mathematics, History and Politics, with the aim of studying Economics at Cambridge. Linh participated in the Model United Nations.

I made my decision to join MPW on the basis of the quality of teaching and facilities offered: maximum 8 students per class, modern technology and, most crucial of all, dedicated support from the staff which amazed me even more deeply when I experienced it myself. Furthermore, weekly Timed Assignments have helped me remarkably in terms of reinforcing and mastering knowledge. The frequent feedback from my teachers gave me timely guidance. Apart from academia, I have been helped to develop numerous social skills, particularly the confidence and ability to deliver speeches, advocate my personal opinions and seek support. This could be attributed largely to the Enrichment programme provided by MPW on a weekly basis. So far I have immersed myself in activities of the college debating team where I have made many good friends. Once again, I feel thankful since MPW is not only a college, it is a family, where there will always be someone there to support you and celebrate your achievements.


Will 150 150A level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Chemistry – A, History – B

William joined MPW from King’s School, Worcester as a one-year A level student in Biology and Chemistry. He was awarded grades AAB and is studying Biology at the University of Leeds in September.

Before joining MPW, my exam technique had contributed to rather disappointing A-level results. The weekly Timed Assignments, combined with the excellent teaching, showed me how to approach exam questions. For example “How Science Works” questions have gone from being my main weakness to my main strength thanks to MPW. I would recommend MPW to anyone who feels they can achieve better results than they have done previously. I did not believe I could accomplish so much; doing so has changed my life and certainly raised my aspirations.


Sweena 150 150A level subjects taken and results: Business Studies – A, Chemistry – A, Psychology – A

Sweena joined MPW for our two-year A level programme in Chemistry, Psychology and Business Studies. In June 2013 she achieved grades AAA, winning a place to read Psychology at the University of Nottingham.

MPW has been an enjoyable educational experience for me; I have not only made some great friends, but have also been able to achieve higher grades than I ever believed possible. The support that teachers have provided during and outside lessons has been exceptional and one of the benefits of MPW is the small class sizes, allowing teachers to focus on my individual needs. The weekly timed assignments have ensured that I revised on a weekly basis and did not leave it till the last minute.

I would recommend MPW to others as the small class sizes as well as the excellent support and guidance provided by the teachers have contributed to fulfilling my goal of studying Psychology at university.


Hiral 150 150A level subject taken and result: Chemistry – A

Hiral joined MPW from King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls to take a short course in Chemistry A level. She gained grade A and won a place to read Dentistry at the University of Sheffield.

Although my time at MPW was short, it played a crucial role in my academic career. The quality of teaching was excellent. The dedicated members of the teaching staff were extremely supportive and encouraging and really went out of their way to ensure I fully understood the material and felt prepared for the exams.

Regular meetings with my personal tutor gave me valuable advice and preparation for my UCAS personal statement and interviews. I strongly believe this guidance was fundamental in helping me secure places for the highly competitive Dentistry courses at university. Weekly timed assessments were extremely beneficial in developing my examination technique and enabled me to assess my progress on a regular basis. The small teaching groups were ideal as I received individual guidance and the lessons were tailored to the topics I found challenging. The friendly atmosphere and small size of the college made it really easy to fit in and the MPW approach to teaching has provided a perfect foundation for the transition to university. Overall, I would definitely recommend the college to other students as the friendly atmosphere, small teaching groups and dedicated staff make MPW an excellent place to study.


Rosie 150 150A level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*, Biology – A

Rosie was a one-year A level student who joined MPW to study Mathematics and Biology, winning a place to read Law at LSE.

I joined MPW as I knew it had a brilliant reputation and could help me to get the grades I need for university. My brother came here and thrived so we knew it would work for me too.  The top two things about MPW are the tiny group sizes and the weekly tests.  The small classes allow you to develop your own ideas and properly question anything you don't fully understand without feeling under pressure from a large group. They also give you the attention you need in order to get a full grasp of the subject, not just a basic understanding that will get you a pass. The weekly tests are what really sets the college apart though; having to sit an exam every week means you have to revise! The college has a friendly atmosphere between students but once grades become the topic of conversation there is a high level of competition which is brilliant. Everyone wants to do their best. You become efficient at answering questions and you know exactly what to expect in your real exams. Personal tutors are another thing I have only experienced at MPW. Having the opportunity to talk to a member of staff about anything makes you feel wanted around the college and gives you all the support you need, especially for university applications. The teachers are top class and I feel privileged to have been taught by them. If someone asked me about MPW my answer would be to definitely go here! It is worth it and I genuinely cannot find anything bad to say about the college. If you are a person who wants to succeed, this is the place to go without hesitation.


Elena 150 150A level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*, Further Mathematics – A*, Physics - B

Elena is an international student from China who has a place to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at UCL.

During my time at MPW, I always found the teachers to be extremely supportive, both in relation to my academic studies and improving my English.  I have always been supported when I had any problems and this gave me the confidence to achieve my goals, including getting into a top university. The teachers and the Principal have always listened to my worries and then given me excellent advice. The Timed Assignments have served as an effective way of pushing myself to study harder and check my work. Overall, attending MPW has helped me to achieve top grades, gain confidence in my own abilities and massively improve my English.  I am now looking forward to going to university and using the skills I have learned at MPW to enrich my life further.


Zara OvertonA level subjects taken and results: Sociology – A*, Physics – A, Psychology – A

Zara completed her A levels at MPW Birmingham and was subsequently awarded the Principal’s Award for services to the College.  Zara is now studying Anthropology at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

MPW was a blessing to me, having spent my first year of A Levels at a large unsupportive sixth form college that did not enable me to reach my potential. MPW fully supported me in achieving my academic dream of getting into Cambridge University when I’d previously felt like all hope had been lost. The whole experience was very personal, I felt like I was taken seriously as an individual and the small class sizes and dedicated staff really brought out the best in me. Not only did my year at MPW College yield success in academia but also it was an environment that enabled me to grow as a person, developing life skills and vital confidence in myself and abilities.


Dan 150 150Daan completed a one-year GCSE programme in June 2013 achieving 100% A*-B grades. He is now embarking on a two-year A level programme at MPW with the aim of studying Medicine at university. Daan took part in the Model United Nations this year.

The idea of weekly tests is a brilliant one as it helps me to review everything I've done over each week leading up to the exams.  This reduces the chance of me forgetting things over the course of the year.  It also gives me plenty of experience in terms of time management during an exam as well as reducing the stress during the actual exams. Small teaching groups really make it much more effective to learn during lessons as each student is given much more time and attention than in a class of 20-30 students. The teachers themselves have also been very helpful and are always willing to help outside lessons in their own free time.


Gurpreet KainthA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Chemistry – A, Mathematics – A

Gurpreet was a short course student at MPW.  During his time at the college, he was able to improve his grades to A grades.  He is now studying Dentistry at King’s College, London.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at MPW.  The support I received to help me get the grades and the guidance offered regarding my personal statement and interview preparation have all been vital in helping me to get into King’s to study dentistry.


LinhA level subjects taken and results: Accounting – A*, Mathematics – A*, Economics – A

Linh was a two-year A level student at MPW.  She was educated in Vietnam before commencing her A levels in England.  Her tremendous hard work and dedication to her studies meant that she achieved an outstanding set of A level results.  Linh is now studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Birmingham.

At MPW I found my teachers really helpful and approachable and I could go to them for help with my homework. I also really liked the way in which lessons were delivered, we always had a chance to discuss lots of interesting things and develop our own ideas. The content of my A Level courses was very stimulating and I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss ideas with my teachers.  I also felt that all studying at MPW allowed me to develop my independent study skills and so gave me the perfect foundation for studying at university.


FaaizahA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A*, History – A*, English Lit – A

Faaizah was a two-year A level student at MPW.  She won a place to study Biomedical Science at the University of East Anglia.

MPW played a crucial part in my academic career and helped me realise that my goals were within my reach. My personal tutor gave me invaluable advice and support throughout my time at MPW. Research and regular meetings with my PT enabled me confidently to pursue a competitive course at university. This support was also fundamental during exam periods because it helped me to believe that I could attain top grades. Small classes were extremely important to me, as teachers know you as individuals and so lessons were tailored to learning styles. This coupled with regular TAs meant the exams were less daunting and more familiar because of the sheer number of exam questions that had already been practised and analysed with my teachers. 


TrangA level subjects taken and results: Accounting – A*, Mathematics – A*, Economics – A

Trang was a two-year A level student at MPW.   She was originally educated in Vietnam and moved to England to undertake her A level study.  Trang is now studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Birmingham.

I found that the teacher relationships with students were excellent. Teachers here are very supportive and encouraging, even to the point that they stay late and help with homework and other matters.

The weekly Timed Assignments also helped a great deal. They really made progress easier and meant that I revised on a weekly basis. In the run up to the actual A Level examinations I felt less rushed and more prepared.

In Vietnam the Principal is often distant and not easy to approach but the Principal at MPW Birmingham is friendly and supportive. He provided a lot of assistance with UCAS and which courses and universities I should consider. He also helped a great deal with my Personal Statement and this helped make the application process a lot less stressful.


Kelly WilkinsonA level subjects taken and results: Chemistry – A*, Mathematics – A*, Biology – A

Kelly completed her A level studies at MPW whilst also undertaking one-year A level Chemistry course from scratch.  Kelly’s outstanding grades demonstrated her determination to succeed and allowed her to pursue her dream of studying medicine at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.

I went to MPW to study A level Biology and Mathematics, and a one year course of AS/A2 level Chemistry. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the college, and would hand-on-heart recommend it to any other student. The support received throughout my year at MPW was immense, not only in each subject, but also in both applying to and gaining a place at university. The quality of teaching was remarkable, with small class sizes further adding to the personal, encouraging and accommodating study environment. I was certain at all times that there would be someone to answer my questions, ease my concerns, and help with any problems that I was experiencing, no matter how small. The friendly atmosphere of the college made it easy to fit in from day one, and I truly felt that a tight-knit, supportive community of friends, colleagues and teachers was well established throughout the college. I cannot thank all the staff and fellow students enough for such a fabulous year at MPW Birmingham.


SophiaA level subjects taken and results: Chemistry – A*, Economics – A*, Mathematics – A*, Further Mathematics – A*

Sophia was a Two-year A level student at MPW.   She was originally educated in Vietnam and moved to England to undertake her A level study.  Sophia’s remarkable academic achievements meant that she was awarded the MPW Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in 2012.

I was always so impressed with the level of support offered to me by my teachers during my time at MPW; they were always there to support me and offer help and advice.  This provided me with all of the skills needed to obtain top grades.  I was also grateful for the support of the other students at college; I was able to make very good friends who looked after me and helped me to feel part of the college community.


Sanjay SangerA level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*

Sanjay studied a one-year A level Mathematics course at MPW Birmingham in order to develop his subject knowledge before beginning his study of Economics at the University of Birmingham.

My time at MPW as a one-year A level student was brief but life changing. From the start I knew I had to work hard to achieve what I wanted; the staff at MPW not only tutored me but also guided me through the year,  going out of their way to ensure I fully understood the material. The teaching methods and weekly tests prepared me for my exams, and also crucially made me feel confident that I would do well. Knowing all the students and teachers on a personal basis brought about a great sense of community which led to a vibrant atmosphere throughout the college, making the year much more enjoyable.


RoxanneEconomics – A*, History – A, Mathematics – A

Roxanne studied two-year A levels at MPW.  She was awarded the Principal’s Award for services to the College. Before taking up a place at Bath University to read Economics, Roxanne undertook a GAP Year which involved working with disadvantaged children in Brazil and Ghana.

When I joined MPW I had very little confidence in my ability, severely lacked basic skills in maths and my predicted grades were too low to get into a Russell group university. During my time with the college, my confidence grew tenfold, and due to the commitment and dedication of the teachers I was able to achieve A*AA at A Level. Nothing was ever too much trouble and no question ever went unanswered. This went above and beyond classroom duties, the help I received with my UCAS application was phenomenal and the interview preparation second to none. Extracurricular activities became a big part of my life at MPW, where I was allowed to freely take an idea and run with it. At MPW you are guaranteed support for everything you wish to pursue, when no obstacle seems too great. The size of the college makes the whole experience very personal and I felt I was able to learn in the way that suited me best. MPW changed my life, it allowed me to reach my goals, get into a top university and most of all MPW taught what it is to believe in yourself and give the best you can each and every day.


Sajanpaul KharaA level subjects taken and results: Mathematics – A*, Chemistry – A, Biology – A

Sajanpaul completed his A level studies at MPW Birmingham.  He was awarded the Nikul Patel Memorial Prize for Mathematics and is currently studying Biological Sciences at the University of Leicester.

I have very fond memories of my time at MPW Birmingham. Academically, studying at the college helped me to improve my exam technique and subsequently gain high grades in my A levels. The Principal and teaching staff were very friendly and approachable, allowing me to settle in quickly. The small teaching groups were extremely beneficial as they allowed me to ask questions at my own pace, and individual tuition was on hand if needed. The timed assessments were highly useful as they helped me to continually assess my progress, and improve week on week. Overall I would highly recommend coming to MPW as the blend of small group teaching, regular assessment and friendly staff enabled me to fulfil my goals.


AtheneA level subjects taken and results: Biology – A, Chemistry – A

Athene studied one-year Biology and Chemistry courses at MPW after completing a first degree in Psychology.  Her natural academic ability and excellent study skills allowed her to secure the two A grades she needed to study Medicine.  She is currently studying at King’s College, London.

Having completed Biology and Chemistry one year A level at MPW, I would recommend the college highly.  As a mature student, I felt as though my needs and requirements were met fully by the staff. The small class sizes ensured that I was not just a number and that teachers were aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and tailored their teaching to these. After coming from a university environment I particularly appreciated the fact the teachers were very knowledgeable about the subject, beyond the confines of the syllabus. This ensured information was delivered in context, meaning it was much easier to learn and made much more sense.