Business Studies (AQA 2310)

AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


This revision course, like previous courses, is intended to reinforce individual areas of weakness and to focus heavily on exam practice to develop the techniques necessary to produce high exam scores. The following course outlines can be varied in line with the requirements of a particular student cohort.

Topic 1 (AS): Enterprise –ideas – business plans - Market Research, sampling, market types, segmentation - Legal structures, financial sources, location, employing people Costs/revenue/profit - Break even.

Topic 2 (AS): Cash flow forecasts - Other budgets - Objectives: risks & causes of failure - More budgets – benefits/drawbacks - Improving profits.

Topic 3 (AS): People: organisation – measuring effectiveness – recruitment/training. Motivation – theory/practice.  Operations: capacity – quality – technology

Topic 4 (AS): Marketing: Niche/mass. Marketing mix: plc, portfolio analysis, Pricing, elasticity.

Topic 5 (AS): Promotion methods – Distribution - Application of appropriate marketing mix.

Topic 6 (A2): Financial Strategies and Accounts – Financial objectives, Interpreting, measuring and assessing performance. Investment decisions.

Topic 7 (A2): Marketing and HR Strategies -  Influences  on  and  selection  of Marketing Strategies. HR Strategies: workforce planning, organisational structure, employee relations.

Topic 8 (A2): Operational Strategies - Scale of production.  Techniques for decision making. Expansion by relocation and/or off shoring.  Lean production and CPA.

Topic 9 (A2): External environment - Business cycle, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, unemployment, growth. PEST factors. Competitive changes, buying/selling power.

Topic 10 (A2): Managing change - Causes, contingency planning, leader/manager, organisational culture, Change promoters or Resisters.