AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


The MPW Easter Revision Geography course aims to provide individually tailored sessions that can not only cover the common topics but also provide study skills tuition. Study skills will include the analysis of maps and graphs, developing a line of argument, structuring an exam answer and the best ways to approach and utilise case studies.   While the course is based  on  the  AQA  specification,  students  following  other  specifications  may  find  these courses helpful but MUST check the lists carefully to be sure that the topics offered meet their personal needs.  

The following AS topics are covered:

Topic 1 (AS) - Rivers, floods and Management: This unit focuses upon both the paths and processes of rivers but also covers issues of floods; the dangers, impacts and management strategies.

Topic 2 (AS) - Cold Environments: This unit studies some of the most complicated and interesting environments on the planet. Focus will be placed on understanding glacial processes,  the  global  distribution  of  cold  environments,  and  the  issues  and  debates surrounding exploitation and development of these areas.

Topic 3 (AS) - Coastal Environments: This unit studies coastal environments with particular attention being paid to the UK coast. Focus will also be placed upon sea level change and coastal defence.

Topic 4 (AS) - Hot Desert Environments and their Margins: This unit studies the complexities of these environments with attention being paid to the physical geography of arid and semi-arid lands and upon desertification.

Topic 5 (AS) - Population Change: This unit tackles one of the most interesting aspects of human geography; that of population change. Focus is placed upon understanding how the rate of population growth has changed over time, the demographic transition model, the issue of resources and looking at how people live in cities.

Topic 6 (AS) - Food Supply Issues: This unit looks at how we manage to feed the world’s populace. Global patterns of food supply are studied as is how the food supply is managed and what changes in the demand for food have occurred.

Topic 7 (AS) - Energy Issues: This unit focuses upon issues surrounding energy such as the types of energy sources and national energy mixes. The unit also includes the study of world energy trade, the environmental impact of energy production and the potential for sustainable energy supply and consumption.

Topic 8 (AS) - Health Issues: The unit tackles the issues and debates surrounding health. Specifically attention is paid to global issues in health care, the role of transnational corporations in health care, health issues in rich and poor countries and regional variations in health and health care in the UK.

The following A2 topics are available:

Topic 9 (A2) - Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards: This unit will look at the structure of the earth, plate movement including relevant evidence and theories and the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes. Attention will also be paid to the impact and side effects of volcanoes and earthquakes as well taking time to understand predication and preparation techniques and methods.

Topic 10 (A2) - Weather and Climate and Associated Hazards: This unit focuses upon that which affects us all; the weather. In it attention is paid to major climate controls, the climate of the British Isles and the issues and problems regarding global climate change. Other topics studies include urban climates and hazards such as monsoons.

Topic 11 (A2) - Ecosystems: Change and Challenge: This unit looks at the complexities and variety inherent within ecosystems. Attention will be paid to the ecosystems in the British Isles and how they have changed over time. Other topics covered include the topical grassland biome and ecosystem issues that exist on a local scale.

Topic 12 (A2) - World Cities: This unit simply looks at cities; the variety and complexity of them and the numerous issues associated. Economic development, contemporary urbanisation processes, types of cities, urban decline and sustainability issues are all topics – amongst others – that are covered in this unit. 

Topic 13 (A2) - Development and Globalisation: This unit considers the issues of globalisation and development. Processes of globalisation, NICs, development issues in countries of low economic development and sustainable tourism are all topics included in this unit which aims primarily to aid understanding of development globalisation and all debates relating to them.

Topic 14 (A2) - Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges: The focus of this unit is on the issue of conflict and challenges; specifically looking at those which affect the world today. An extremely interesting topic, this unit will cover a variety of issues and debates including the geographical basis of conflicts, separatism, the challenge of global poverty, the challenge of multi-cultural societies in the UK and the geographical impact of international conflict.

Please note that the teaching of all units will incorporate information obtained from a variety of resources, case studies, news footage and when relevant, clips from documentaries.