AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


The course covers the following topics that are common to all specifications but students should check carefully that sessions are relevant to their own particular studies:

Topic 1 - Mechanics I:  Vectors; Equations of constant acceleration; Projectiles; F = ma; Work, energy, power; Newton’s laws (momentum).

Topic 2 - Electricity:  Current; Voltage; Resistance; Electromotive force (EMF); Internal resistance and resistivity; Current-voltage graphs; Potential dividers (A.C) .

Topic 3 - Waves:  Single slit diffraction (qualitative treatment only); Two source interference patters; Standing waves; Polarisation; Phase.

Topic 4 - Quantum Physics:  Wave-particle duality; Photoelectric effect; Line spectra; De Broglie wavelength; Electron diffraction.

Topic 5 - Particle Physics:  Quark-Lepton model, including hadrons, baryons and mesons; Particle interaction to include fundamental forces, exchange particles, conservation laws and Feynman Diagrams.

Topic 6 - Mechanics II: Circular motion; Simple harmonic motion (SHM); Momentum.

Topic 7 - Electric & Gravitational Fields:  Newton’s law; Coulomb’s law; Electric fields; Gravitational fields. 

Topic 8 - Capacitors & Electromagnetism: Capacitors; Magnetic fields; Motion of charged particles in magnetic fields; Electromagnetic induction.

Topic  9  -  Radioactivity:     Nuclear  radiations;  Nuclear  decay  equations;  Calculations including the exponential decay formula; E = mc2; Fission; Fusion.

Topic 10 - Thermal Physics & Gases:  Ideal gases; pV = nRT; Kinetic energy and its proportionality to Kelvin temperature; Internal energy; Specific heat capacity.