AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


The course covers the following topics that are common to all specifications but students should check carefully that sessions are relevant to their own particular studies:

UK Politics

Topic 1 (AS): The nature of democracy and the changes in political participation. The role and functions of political parties.

Topic 2 (AS): Political parties in the UK and their policies and ideas, coalition politics, Elections and electoral systems.

Topic 3 (AS): Pressure groups.   UK Constitution.

Topic 4 (AS): Parliament.  Prime Minister and the executive.

Topic 5 (AS): Judiciary, civil liberties and issues for reform. US Politics

Topic 6 (A2): The Constitution and federalism.

Topic 7 (A2): Elections and voting in the USA.

Topic 8 (A2): Political parties. Pressure groups.

Topic 9 (A2): Racial and ethnic policies.  Supreme Court.

Topic 10 (A2): Congress. The Presidency.

A comparison will be made with UK processes and institutions in each topic.

A flexible approach will be taken, bearing in mind the overlapping areas within the units, and the particular needs of the students attending.  Help will be given with examination technique, in addition to the main emphasis on knowledge and understanding.  Students will attempt examination questions as part of the course. Information can be made available in the form of notes and handouts.

NB.  As an alternative, at A2 level it may be possible to provide assistance with work based on Political Ideology.  Please contact us for details.