Religious Studies

AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


The Religious Studies Easter Revision course is organised as a "mix and match" course to allow students to choose a revision programme that matches their exact requirements. The most popular topics available on the many Religious Studies specifications are listed below and students should select those most relevant for their course of study. In addition to the topics listed below, we can offer a wide range of other RE topics and study skills are also addressed. Developing a line of argument and constructing a convincing essay are some of the areas covered, as well as preparing a thorough revision timetable.  Each module will last for one half-day session.

On your registration form, please specify the examining board, module code, title and any other relevant information. This will enable us to draw up an individual timetable for your modules.  The maximum number of modules you can take in one week is ten.

Arguments for the Existence of God

Topic 1 - Argument from Design

Topic 2 - Cosmological Argument

Topic 3 - Ontological Argument

Philosophy of Religion

Topic 4 - Problem of Evil

Topic 5 - Miracles

Topic 6 - Religious Experience

Topic 7 - Psychology and Religion


Topic 8 - Utilitarianism and Situation Ethics (applied to issues)

Topic 9 - Natural Law and Virtue Ethics (applied to issues)

Topic 10 - Kant’s deontological ethics (applied to issues)