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A Level Accounting

A Level Accounting

Dates Available

  • Week 1: Monday 4 April – Friday 8 April
  • Week 2: Monday 11 April – Friday 15 April
  • Week 3: Monday 18 April – Friday 22 April]

(Good Friday is 15 April; Easter Monday is 18 April)


Suitable for all boards

Length of Course

17.5 hours for AS Level
35 hours for A Level


9.00am to 12.30pm or 1.00pm to 4.30pm daily

The course covers the following topics that are common to all specifications:

Topic 1 (AS) – Double Entry Book Keeping System: Purposes of accounting; Accounting records including subsidiary books and ledger accounts based on source documents.

Topic 2 (AS) – Final Accounts: Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance of sole traders with some simple adjustments.

Topic 3 (AS) – Verification of Accounting Records: preparation of trial balances, bank reconciliation statements, and sales and purchases ledger control accounts; Error corrections.

Topic 4 (AS) – Further Aspects of the Preparation of the Final Accounts: Accounting concepts; making adjustments for bad debts recovered, income due and received in advance, provisions for doubtful debts, provision for depreciation and disposal of fixed assets; Capital and revenue expenditure and income.

Topic 5 (AS) – Limited Companies and Management Accounting: Types of business organizations; Internal final accounts of limited companies and rights and bonus issues; Ratio analysis and the assessment of business performance; Introduction to budgeting and
budgetary control, and cash budget; The impact of ICT in accounting.

Topic 6 (A2) – Incomplete Records: Different types of business finance; Preparing and commenting on final accounts and balance sheet of sole trader based on incomplete records.

Topic 7 (A2) – Partnership Accounts: profit and loss appropriation accounts, capital and current accounts of partners, changes in a partnership and dissolution of a partnership.

Topic 8 (A2) – Other Aspects of Financial Accounting: Published accounts of limited companies; Cash flow statements; Accounting standards; Stock valuation.

Topic 9 (A2) – Manufacturing Account and Cost Management: Preparing and commenting on the final accounts and balance sheet of manufacturing organization; Marginal, absorption and activity based costing; Standard costing and variance analysis.

Topic 10 (A2) – Other Aspects of Management Accounting: Capital investment appraisal

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