GCSE Course Outlines


You may be confident about speaking French, but be concerned about your writing. You may love reading the language and loathe the listening.  Most students are at least at ease with one of the disciplines and you would achieve higher grades if more guidance were given for your weak areas. The French Easter Revision course will cover all aspects of GCSE language syllabuses. Obviously, there can be no substitute for practice, practice and even more practice, but you do need to be sure of exactly what you need to be practising!

SPEAKING General conversation at basic/foundation and higher level. Role plays, covering the major situational phrases and vocabulary from past papers.

READING Analysing common GCSE vocabulary from a wide variety of past paper material including newspaper and magazine articles, letters, weather reports and signs.

LISTENING Ways of revising and honing listening techniques, through repetition and analysis of French pronunciation patterns. Revising common vocabulary from recorded material from past papers.

WRITING We will look at how to write notes, letters (both formal and informal) and stories, based on past examinations.

TOPICS Family; house and home; daily routine; town; shopping; restaurants; free time (sport/entertainment); school; holidays; transport; weather; work and future; health.

In addition, students will study a programme of basic grammar for GCSE which will cover verbs and the major tenses of present, perfect, imperfect, future and conditional; adjectives and adverbs; spelling and accents.

Each student will have opportunities to ask questions and individual attention can be given to more specific requests.  Remember you will be made to work hard on the course but will gain much enjoyment from it.

Please give as much detail as possible on your questionnaire to enable tutors to tailor the course to your needs.