GCSE Course Outlines


Students are advised to contact the college to discuss the units or topics they are studying; GCSE Geography tuition over Easter is arranged on an individual tuition basis.  However, where two or more students wish to study the same topic area, a group may be formed.

Generally, tutors will tailor courses to the needs of the individual and students are urged to be as detailed as possible in their questionnaire.  For example, please ensure that you do give precise details of the specification you are taking:

  • The examination board
  • The subject and component code
  • The topic and subject area covered

The following topics are relevant for ALL boards.

A - Physical  Geography:     Extreme  Environments,  Tectonic  landscapes,  Earthquakes, Mountainous Environments, Desert Environments.

B - The Coastal Landscape: Rivers & Coasts,Coastal Erosion,management of coastal environments, sustainability of coastal environments, flooding, and natural hazards.

C - Human Geography: Population growth, urbanisation, rural economies & societies, developing countries, developed Western Countries.

D - Human Impact: Tourism and its effects, causes of pollution and its effects, causes and consequences of increased human impact on the environment, solutions to increased human impact on natural environments.