English Language

GCSE Course Outlines


Students are advised to contact the college to discuss the periods they are studying; GCSE History tuition over Easter is arranged on an individual tuition basis.  However, where two or more students wish to study the same texts or period, a group may be formed.

Generally, tutors will tailor courses to the needs of the individual and students are urged to be as detailed as possible in their registration form.  For example, please ensure that you do give precise details of the specification you are taking:

  • The examination board
  • The subject and component code
  • The topic and subject area covered

The following topics are relevant for ALL boards, although particularly appropriate for OCR:

A - World War One: Origins of World War One; Campaigns on land and sea; The Home Front; The consequences including technical innovation

B - Germany  1919-45: Versailles  and  Weimar;  The Rise of Hitler; The  Nazi regime; Germany and Total War

C - Russia  1917-41:  1917  -  The  Year  of  revolutions;  Lenin,  Trotsky  and  Stalin; Collectivisation and Industrialisation; Stalinism and the Purges

D - International Relations 1919-39: Versailles; The League of Nations; The Origins of the Second World War

E - International Relations since 1945: United Nations; The origins of the Cold War; The two superpowers; Proxy conflicts: Korea, Cuba, Vietnam; End of Empires

F - USA 1919 – 1975: The Roaring Twenties; The Wall Street Crash; The Depression; Roosevelt and the New Deal; USA post-WW2, including civil rights

G  - Britain 1906 – 1975: Social Change before WW1, including the Suffragettes; The effects of World Wars One and Two; Social change post-1945, including immigration, youth and the Welfare State.

H - Crime and Punishment Through Time: Roman Crime and Punishment, Impact of the Norman Conquest on Crime and Punishment, Medieval Crime and Punishment, Tudor & Stuart Crime and Punishment, New Crimes of the18th Century , Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Crime and Punishment, Crime and Punishment in the 20th  & 21st  Centuries.

J - Elizabethan England: The Accession of Elizabeth to the throne in 1558, Problems at the start of Elizabeth’s Reign, Elizabeth’s Aims and Ideas of Monarchy, Importance of Religion in Elizabethan England, Culture in Elizabethan England, Was Elizabethan Society a divided one?, Was England a Great power under Elizabeth?