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GCSE Biology

GCSE Biology

Easter Revision Course Dates 2024

  • Week 1: Monday 25 March – Friday 29 March
  • Week 2: Monday 1 April – Friday 5 April
  • Week 3: Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April


Suitable for all exam boards.

Length of Course

Five half day sessions, 20 hours total.


9.00am to 12.30pm or 1.00pm to 4.30pm daily.

Topic 1 – Cell Biology:
Cell types and cell structures. Microscopes. Culturing organisms. Stem cells. Therapeutic cloning. Mitosis. Meiosis. DNA. Cancer. Diffusion, osmosis and active transport.

Topic 2 – Organisation:
Animal tissues, organ and organ systems. The heart. The lungs and the digestive system. Plant tissues, translocation and transpiration.

Topic 3 – Infection and Bioenergetics:
Pathogens (plants and animals), Communicable disease, white blood cell defences, vaccination and monoclonal antibodies. Antibiotic Resistance. Photosynthesis. Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration. Response to exercise.

Topic 4 – Homeostasis and response:
The human nervous system and reflexes. The brain and the eye. Control of body temperature and blood glucose. The kidney and water balance. The menstrual cycle and contraception. Negative feedback. Plant hormones.

Topic 5 – Inheritance, variation, evolution and Ecology:
Inheritance and inherited disorders. Genetic variation and evolution. Selective breeding. Genetic engineering. Biomass and sampling. Material cycling. Biodiversity and human impact on the environment. Food production.

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