GCSE Business Studies

What is GCSE Business Studies?

Business Studies at GCSE offers a comprehensive introduction to all the main areas of modern business practice, enabling students to gain an understanding of the business world through real-life case studies as well as of the theoretical principles that lie behind it.

The Specification
AQA Business Studies 4133 - There are two possible tiers of examination: Foundation, which allows candidates to gain pass grade C only, and the more difficult Higher Tier, which allows access to pass grades C - A*. Most candidates will enter at Higher Tier.


413001 Setting up a Business  1 hour exam  40%
413002 Growing as a Business  1 hour exam  35%
413003 Investigating Businesses  Controlled assessment  25%

Course content

The aim of the course is to develop an understanding of the internal and external environment in which business activity takes place, the nature and objectives of the groups involved and the relevant organisations. Students should develop knowledge and understanding of the language, concepts and techniques of business.

The subject encourages clear thinking and expression. Students will need to be able to write confidently in English and to commit a wide range of technical vocabulary to memory.

GCSE Business Studies is an excellent preparation for the study of the subject at A level (or the related subjects of Economics, Accounts and ICT) and introduces many of the syllabus areas and techniques involved.

Reading List

AuthorTitle Publisher
Andrew Gillespie, Malcolm Surridge  AQA GCSE Business Studies Textbook  Hodder Education