GCSE Chemistry

What is GCSE Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of the elements that are the building blocks of all matter. Chemists explain how those elements combine to produce compounds and how the properties of substances are used for the benefit of mankind. Chemistry is a relevant and developing science making an essential contribution to industry and society. Chemistry is a valuable subject for those wishing to enter a science related profession including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and optometry.

The Specification

AQA Chemistry 8462 - The scheme of assessment consists of two tiers: Foundation Tier and Higher Tier. Foundation Tier assesses grades 1 to 5 and Higher Tier assesses grades 4 to 9.


CH1HP Chemistry 1  1 hour 45 minutes exam  50%
CH2HP Chemistry 2  1 hour 45 minutes exam  50%

Course content

CH1HP Chemistry 1 

C1 Atomic structure and the periodic table
C2 Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
C3 Quantitative chemistry
C4 Chemical changes
C5 Energy changes

CH2HP Chemistry 2

C6 The rate and extent of chemical changes
C7 Organic chemistry
C8 Chemical analysis
C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere
C10 Using resource


Reading List

AuthorTitle Publisher
Lawrie Ryan and Ray Peacock  AQA GCSE Chemistry Thurd Edition Oxford Publishing