GCSE Humanities

What is GCSE Humanities?

Humanities is designed to help students become more informed about the world around them. It is a broad subject which helps to create, in the words of the syllabus, 'a rounded person with an enquiring mind.' It brings together into one structured course elements of Citizenship, Geography, History, Religious Studies and Sociology. The examination papers are not tiered.

The Specification

AQA Humanities 4072


40701 Humanities Core  1 hour 15 min exam  37.50%
40702 Humanities Options  1 hour 15 min exam  37.50%
40703 Humanities Investigation  Controlled assessment  25%

Course Content

Culture and Beliefs
Environmental Issues.

In the examination, two compulsory questions are set, one on each core. Each question is worth 26 marks.

40702 Humanities Options

Candidates will be examined on two out of five options: -
Conflict and Co-operation
Prejudice and Persecution
Global Inequality
Family and Socialisation
People and Work.

Each question carries 36 marks.

40703 Humanities Investigation

This Unit is assessed using controlled assessment. Candidates submit a written document of up to 2000 words relating to a topic dealt with in Units 1 and 2. The tasks will be set by AQA each year.

The course gives students the opportunity to keep their post-16 study options open because of its breadth. Amongst the skills developed will be research, application of knowledge, analysis, evaluation and communication. Two of the aims are to help students become effective and independent learners, and to enable students to gain the ability to think critically and deeply about the issues affecting society today.

Reading List

Title Author Publisher
GCSE Humanities for AQA  Mick Gleave  Hodder