GCSE Science

What is GCSE Science?

GCSE Science combines the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics so that they may be taught as integrated subjects, sharing interrelated topics. The course places equal emphasis on the learning of scientific theory and the understanding of how science works in the world at large. This course provides the foundation to go onto study GCSE Additional Science in Year 11.

The Specification

AQA Science A 4405 - The scheme of assessment consists of two tiers: Foundation Tier assesses grades G to C and Higher Tier assesses grades D to A*. Candidates will be entered for either the Foundation Tier or the Higher Tier. These examinations are completed at the end of Year 10.


BL1HP Biology 1  1 hour exam 25%
CH1HP Chemistry 1  1 hour exam   25%
PH1HP Physics 1  1 hour exam  25%
SCA4P Investigative skills  Controlled assessment  25%

Course content


BL1HP Biology 1
B1.1 Keeping healthy
B1.2 Nerves and hormones
B1.3 The use and abuse of drugs
B1.4 Interdependence and adaptation
B1.5 Energy and biomass in food chains
B1.6 Waste materials from plants and animals
B1.7 Genetic variation and its control
B1.8 Evolution 

CH1HP Chemistry 1
C1.1 The fundamental ideas in chemistry
C1.2 Limestone and building materials
C1.3 Metals and their uses
C1.4 Crude oil and fuels
C1.5 Other useful substances from crude oil
C1.6 Plant oils and their uses
C1.7 Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere 

PH1HP Physics 1
P1.1 The transfer of energy by heating processes and the factors that affect the rate at which that energy is transferred
P1.2 Energy and efficiency
P1.3 The usefulness of electrical appliances P1.4 Methods we use to generate electricity
P1.5 The use of waves for communication and to provide evidence that the universe is expanding

SCA4P Investigative Skills
SA4.1 Plan practical ways to develop and test candidates own scientific ideas
SA4.2 Assess and manage risks when carrying out practical work
SA4.3 Collect primary and secondary data
SA4.4 Select and process primary and secondary data
SA4.5 Analyse and interpret primary and secondary data

Reading List

AQA Additional Science  Nelson Thornes