House of Lords Awards Ceremony

House of Lords Awards Ceremony

Each year a student from MPW Birmingham whose academic achievements have been judged outstanding attends an awards ceremony at the House of Lords. The latest student to participate in this most wonderful event is Nathan Tomlinson who is now reading Physics at Imperial College, London.

Nathan joined MPW after deciding that the IB qualification his former school offered did not enable him sufficient opportunity to stretch his intellectual interests because he preferred the academic specialisation that A levels provide.

Nathan’s day at the House of Lords, 19th March, was a relatively quiet one in terms of House activity but none the less events of consequence were taking place. Lord Taylor of Holbeach was leading the sixth day of the Immigration Bill Committee whilst later on there was a Debate on the report of the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Committee.

Nathan is often reluctant to celebrate his achievements but his day out at the House of Lords was a fitting tribute to a student whose willingness to push himself in academic endeavour deserves special consideration. Nathan is a talented student with real intellectual energy and yet he keeps his feet firmly on the ground and retains an attractive sense of humility.

Things have not always been straight forward for Nathan and he has demonstrated considerable tenacity in pursuing his goals and has no doubt been strengthened by the support received from his family. Nathan should be excited about his future prospects because he has much to offer. His passion for Physics and his acumen for the subject mean that eventually he will have some interesting choices to make about which specific career path he takes. In educational circles much air time is given to the notion of self-directed learning and Nathan is someone who has the strength of character to drive his own learning and future success.