Parent Comments

(most recent comments from 2019/20 at the top)

Two years ago, A. commenced at MPW having transferred from Millfield School. She arrived with DEU grades from her AS levels, and a history of never achieving her potential at previous schools.

"We always knew that she had the ability to succeed. A. made a decision to concentrate more on her academic studies and effect a change. However, there is no doubt that MPW gave her the environment and opportunity to do this. Moreover, MPW gave her the personal confidence to be successful, together with the teaching resources and expertise

AAA grades in A’s A levels are a fantastic reflection of the effort that she made, supported by the MPW team. We truly believe that you have given Alex every chance now to be successful, and not just academically." - Parents of a two-year A level student

"We read the testimonials on your web site before J went to MPW and, to be completely candid, thought they were too good to be true. Fanciful testaments to stratospheric academic results and places at gilded universities. We assumed these were students who got As and Bs who needed A*s. When we took J, who had a BTEC, to see MPW they saw something in him, were calm, encouraging and professional. J did two A Levels in one year. Last month he got an A and a B and is off to Newcastle University. Not sure what to say.

Was it sleepless nights? No.
24-hour study and rigorous revision torture chambers? No.
Academic alchemy with a fortuitous question spotting formula? No.

It was focused, professional, dedicated tutors teaching students to succeed and treating them like adults. We realize this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Thank you." - Father of a one-year A level student

"It was fantastic to see G get her great results and place at University. Thank you so much again for your help. I know she felt very happy and supported by you and her teachers at MPW. We could hardly have believed 18 months ago that she would be where she is today. You all gave her a vote of confidence and an opportunity, and to her credit she grabbed it with both hands. It was a great and empowering experience. Please pass on our grateful thanks to her teachers. - Mother of a one-year A level student

"We had heard very good things about MPW, both from research and contacts. In the event you materially exceeded even those high expectations. As you know H came to you after a extremely challenging four years health wise and, as a consequence, had not been in full time education for the majority of that period. As a result of MPW’s great teaching, individual attention and terrific pastoral care, coupled, of course, with H’s ability and work ethic, he has secured a place at Cambridge to read French and Russian. We cannot think of any other educational establishment that could have been better suited to realising H‘s ambitions." - Father of a two-year A level student

"We would like to thank you for the continued support that has been offered to our daughter during her time at MPW. We have been delighted with the quality of the academic instruction given, the availability of staff to discuss progress and the personal care that has at all times been shown. We have been particularly delighted with Philip Carr as K’s Director of Studies. Even in her more challenging moments you have been there for her and us at all times. We are delighted with K’s grades and we look forward to her progressing to university this September. We will recommend MPW to our friends and wider circle." - Mother of a two-year A level student

"I wanted to thank you and the team for your support and guidance for C over the past 12 months. He has made huge strides and speaks very positively about his experience at MPW - which has been an enjoyable one for him! C is absolutely thrilled to have got a place at UCL - it is a great achievement for him and I think an excellent fit." - Mother of a one-year A level retake student

"I think you may be aware that my eldest daughter attended MPW a few years back, her previous school advised that she should not apply to “red brick” universities and she was predicted CDD at A level. After attending MPW she accepted a place at Bristol University (after attaining very high A level grades) and has just graduated with a high 2:1. Our son R received his A level results yesterday and attained 100% in his Politics A level! He completed your course in a year! He has just accepted a place at Exeter University to read Geography (his number 1 choice that he could not get a place on prior to starting at MPW). I wanted to take the time to write this mail to say a big thank you to all of your staff, without your excellent tuition skills and dedication my children would not have the opportunities that now present themselves." - Father of two A level students

"What a difference just one year makes! J has achieved grades A*A (Economics and Politics) to go with the A (History) that he achieved last year. Thank you MPW, and in particular his Economics teacher, who was so much more than that. She was instrumental in him regaining self-belief and self-confidence, which helped him succeed at both Economics and Politics. Not only her ability to clearly and simply convey even the most technical aspects of the syllabus, but also so many words of wisdom and advice which provided valuable academic guidance." - Mother of a one-year A level retake student

"I just wanted to drop you a note to express my appreciation for MPW’s support of C over the last year. We’re all incredibly pleased for him and what he achieved with your help. I think to improve his results by 6 grades across 3 subjects in one year, thereby satisfying the offer extended by his first choice university, is a great effort on both his part and on the part of all the staff who helped him. Thank you very much!" - Father of a one-year A level retake student

"I want to extend our eternal thanks for all the effort you have put into tutoring our daughter D. She joined you lacking confidence and really doubting her academic ability but the boost you have given her will stand her in such good stead for her imminent degree and hopefully further learning after that. D often sings your praises with regards your teaching and the standard of the tutoring at MPW and again thank you doesn’t seem sufficient. Your commitment, enthusiasm and experience really has been life changing." Mother of a one-year A level student

"Thank you so very much for making the GCSE year for Z a resounding success. Z has always had intellectual curiosity, but never a consistent run at school to be able to develop this until now. This year, she has recovered from illness, has a smile on her face and has had the best attendance record at MPW that she's achieved since beginning school. I am absolutely delighted for Z and ever grateful to you for the guidance." Father of a one-year GCSE student

"As a family we are just about coming off cloud nine... I have no idea how W did so well but he and us are totally totally ecstatic! His grades are beyond our wildest dreams! We can't thank you enough for your great teaching but also your pastoral help which really helped him through some of the dark days of his exams. You buoyed him up and it helped him a lot. Moving him to MPW in his final year was a brave act for both him and for us but you helped that transition no end and for that we are eternally grateful!" - Mother of a year 12 transfer student

"You really should be bursting with pride! K has really done well and I am so happy for him. As you know, there were a few periods of inconsistencies with K. But he stepped up when he needed to and he had the absolute support of MPW. You were there to encourage... and to read the riot act and sound the alarm bell when needed. Even though you make it look almost effortless, I am so aware of how much you must put into your work and you really must know that you make the difference in so many lives. You help to set the pace and path for so many young lives. Thank you so much. A massive "thank you" to MPW and the entire staff for leaving no stone unturned in its drive to impact positively in the lives of so many amazing individuals who need all the support, guidance, understanding and excellent academic programme that you offer in a seamless fashion." - Mother of a two-year A level student 

"We are extremely grateful for the fantastic teaching and support N received from MPW during the last year which completely saved her academic career and allowed her to reach her potential. When we met with you last year we were extremely concerned about her future but the last year has transformed her prospects. Please pass on our thanks to your teaching staff without whom she would not have been able to achieve her results. The quality of the teaching faculty and the focused approach in each subject was the difference between success and failure and we were extremely impressed by the college’s approach. It goes without saying that we will strongly recommend you and our only regret is that we did not discover MPW earlier!" Father of a year 12 transfer student 

“MPW is a rare educational establishment for fostering a culture where everyone and anyone is accepted whoever they are regardless of background, nationality, skin colour, gender or any other of the factors that so often lead to prejudice, isolation and bullying. Our daughter is the happiest she has been at any school. And also unlike any other school we have come across, the staff are all extremely responsive to students and their parents and do everything within their power to help. H has yet to take her final exams, but she is making good academic progress so we are confident that she will be successful in achieving the grades she needs for university." - Mother of a two-year A level student

"I have been meaning to write to you for a long time to thank you and thank MPW for all the support you gave our son throughout the last year of his A'Levels. D had no confidence left when he came to you from his previous school and we can't thank you enough for having helped him in such a caring manner to build up again his strengths to achieve all his academic and personal goals. As you know D is now studying at University College Dublin - he loves it there - and he could not have accomplished this without the support from all his teachers and mentors at MPW. MPW is an excellent caring college that caters for individual needs. Your whole approach to successful education is refreshing and inspiring. We recommend you to all our friends!" - Mother of an AS transfer student

"As you can imagine, we are absolutely thrilled with S's A level results and so relieved that she has made it to St Andrew’s to read English. We wanted to thank you so much for all your help, kindness and understanding over the last year. S has always said that level of teaching at MPW is exceptional. Please pass on our grateful thanks to all the staff that have helped her." Parents of a one-year A level student

"Thank you so much for everything... Thank you too for supervising K's personal statement all those months ago, and all the support between then and now.  We would wholeheartedly recommend MPW to everyone taking A Levels - far better than boarding school with too many distractions, and K is hugely relieved, big smile on his face all day.  

Please thank the Principal and all the teachers too … much credit to the three of them to take him from CDU to AAA in barely a year - what a feat!!!" Mother of a one-year A level retake student

"This is a note to thank you both for supporting H. It has been a really terrific year for him. From this time last year when he felt rather disconsolate and wondering which direction he really wanted to take, I have seen him blossom. He loved coming to MPW. He enjoyed everything about it. With all best wishes to you all for the next consignment of students and many thanks for making this year so full of highly productive and enjoyable learning. He is now full of enthusiasm for Edinburgh, armed with so many varied strings to his bow." Mother of a one-year A level student 

“I cannot find the words to express how very very grateful I am for what you and your staff have done for V this year. Your support, encouragement and guidance have proved absolutely invaluable, and they have given him a confidence and happiness that I have not seen at any time during his academic career.” Mother of a one-year GCSE student

"I would like to thank you for all your support. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and you have been so great to H. You gave me such peace of mind. I always felt he was in great hands. I also would like to say a big thank you to his teachers. Without them H would not feel as confident as he is now. His level of confidence and maturity is completely different thanks to you and his wonderful teachers. Thank you so much for believing in him." Mother of a GCSE student

"I am so grateful for your helping P during her exams. She (we) were very nervous about how she would cope on the day. But, when she got home she said that you were right there to help her ... In all sincerity, she was praising you and said she could not have made it through the day without your support. How can her father and I ever thank you enough?" Mother of a two-year A level student

"I just wanted to let you know that this year has been a total success for K at MPW. K did always struggle at school before and never enjoyed the education system to the point that university wasn't an option for her. Now, she absolutely adores going to college, she is confident, working all the time and she wants to go to university. She even said to me a week ago that she didn't want the year to end as she will miss school life. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of MPW team for making K's year a great one." Mother of a one-year A level student

"We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with J's results. They exceeded all our expectations and we can't believe what a difference her year at MPW has made. Thank you for all of your help and support. We would also like to send on our thanks to all of J's Maths teachers. To improve her grade so much in a year is fantastic and she certainly found the MPW method of teaching really suited her. J has also loved her Gap Year experiences, doing her ski season and travelling around SE Asia. It is wonderful that she was able to do these and still achieve such wonderful grades. What a difference a year can make!" Mother of a split-year short retake student

"I wanted to write to you [the Principal], Sarah and all of your colleagues who were instrumental in C's very successful year at MPW. Leaving aside, at least for the moment, the very significant improvement in her academic results ... it was clear to those of us who watched her that she grew as a person while she was at MPW and matured into a sucessful young adult with the confidence to move seamlessly to university... We can honestly say that we've never seen her happier than over her year with you." Father of a one-year A level student

"I wanted to write to personally thank you for supporting M with her studies over the last year. As you may know M was accepted at Kings College London to read English Language and Communications. My wife and I are very proud of her achievement. Whilst M put in genuine effort, your tuition and support was absolutely key. Not only did you provide expert guidance in the subject content but you made lessons enjoyable, fun and hugely interesting. This combination together with the excellent rapport and relationship you built with M, played a significant part in her success. My wife and I are also pleased that M's academic and social confidence improved vastly during her time at MPW. She now has a far greater belief in her own abilities - something that will, no doubt, hold her in good stead as she moves through university." Father of a one-year A level student

"When we came to see you back in September you were confident that you could help S increase her grades in just a term. I was less confident I have to say but so delighted to have been proved wrong! ... More than that though was the change I saw in S over the few months she came to MPW. She was more enthusiastic about her teachers, about how much she was being taught that she had never learned before and importantly, how to tackle revision and exams. Her confidence has soared as well as her ability to cope with the type of learning environment she will encounter at university. All I can say is that if I had known about MPW earlier I would have sent her to you for her whole 6th form!" Parent of a short retake student

"Following disappointing A level results, J was still determined to get into Medical School. We were recommended MPW for the high quality of its teaching and the personal support from staff to give her the best chance to realise her ambitions. Intensive teaching, continuous assessment of the learning and accessible staff have enabled J to get her grades with a new offer for Med School this autumn." Parent of a one-year A level student

"Thank you so very much for helping E with her re-sit A levels. We were all delighted with her A grades and her university offers. You were always incredibly kind to E and very supportive to me when I had concerns. E enjoyed her term at MPW and made lots of new friends. She could not have achieved these great results without your help" Parent of a short retake student

"We wish we had known about MPW sooner. You've made C so welcome and you really know your stuff, particularly C's Director of Studies who has such a depth of wisdom." Parents of a one-year A level student

“I am so delighted to write and to offer my heartfelt thanks to you for all that you did for my daughter when she was admitted to MPW last year. The day we met you at the college were both so devastated and helpless but you so warmly welcomed us and with your encouragement together with the assistance from her teachers she is now going to university in September to read Law after her brilliant results.”  Parents of a one-year A level student

“Last week was one of the happiest weeks my family can remember. As you know, W is going to read Economics at his chosen university and I am sure this is in no small part due to the guidance you and MPW have given him over the past couple of years.”Parents of a two-year A level student

“She really loves it. She can’t believe how friendly all the students are. Yesterday some of them took her down to the Common Room and introduced her to lots of their friends. She has reported back that the students are much more serious about their work and that also the tutors are teaching at much greater depth. She appreciates how helpful the Economics and French tutors are- and really likes them as people.” Parent of a two-year A level student

“We will always be extremely grateful for what you and the rest of the staff at MPW have done for N. More than achieving academically, you gave him back drive and ambition to get more out of life.” Parents of a two-year A level student

“My first impression of how much efficiency, care and individual attention you paid to my daughter’s needs and wishes was confirmed and enhanced throughout the entire year she spent with you. It was not an easy year, going back to school when all her friends were either at university or doing a gap year. She had her ups and downs but her teachers never let her slip. They were firm, encouraging and caring. Most importantly, she came to realise that all teaching is only an offer but that it is HER responsibility to embrace and process what is given to her. It was learning for life!” Parents of a one-year A level student

“J just came to me to say how happy he is at MPW ... that the teachers are great. He is committed to working hard and learning from the study skills seminars. What is also interesting is that so many friends and family members have commented positively on how J seems so happy, comfortable and like his old self. Thank you. To create and work hard at an academic environment where students are happy, settled and thriving as individuals is a huge achievement.” Parents of a GCSE student

“I would like to thank you for supporting M throughout the year. I am grateful to all at MPW for giving her another chance to achieve her best. Without the inspirational teaching, and almost as important, the belief in her capability which gave her battered confidence a much needed boost, I don’t know where we would be right now. As it is she has a very credible university place secured and the chance of her ‘dream’ university after next week’s results. She leaves MPW a much more confident and well rounded individual than she entered last September and for that, I thank you and all her teachers most profoundly.” Parents of a one-year A level student

“In my experience there is much talk in schools of working with parents and team efforts and so on, but you really do embrace this ideal and you make it straightforward and delightful and always impressively professional – and successful!  You have also managed a remarkable team of talented teachers around her, and we are great fans of each of them.” Parent of a two-year A level student

“So happy with B and the way he is working and achieving good results.  Finally he is doing it for himself and I can’t keep him away from his books now, even at weekends.  MPW has been the best thing to happen for B’s education and he is really responding to you all.” Parent of a two-year A level student

“Obviously we are very pleased with C’s results and above all so is he.  He is a completely different person walking on cloud 9 with his confidence totally restored.  He often mentions how much he is going to miss MPW, how good the teaching was and how much he learnt while he was there.  We are so grateful” Parent of a one-year A level retake student

“A momentous day for me and C as she comes to the end of her secondary education.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement to both me and C over the past two years.  You have gone beyond your responsibilities in supporting C in equipping her with study techniques, career advice and pastoral counselling.  I am very grateful to you, the long hours that you have spent in keeping C on track and the time you have spent with me to ensure that we are aligned in our approach.  It has been a pleasure.” Parent of a two-year A level student