A2 Level Classical Civilisation · OCR (legacy)

Dates Available
Week 1: 1 April – 5 April
Week 2: 8 April – 12 April
Week 3: 15 April – 19 April

OCR H441

Length of Course
8 hour seminars

9am to 6pm

The course will consist of intensive coverage of the material set for the exam and suggestions on how to apply the material in well-argued essays and answers. The options chosen are Virgil and the World of the Hero and Comic Drama in the Ancient World. Reference will also be made to background information regarding the social and cultural context in which Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy were performed.

Target areas

  • Deploying evidence to assess topics comprehensively
  • Use of of technical vocabulary in stylistic analysis

Please book each day separately to fit your requirements.

Monday Virgil and the World of the Hero
  The Aeneid (D. West/Penguin) in comparison with 
  The Iliad (M. Hammond/Penguin)
Tuesday Greek Comedy I;
  Aristophanes: Lysistrata (D. Barrett, revised by S. Dutta/Penguin)
  Aristophanes: Clouds (D. Barrett, revised by S. Dutta/Penguin)
Wednesday Greek Comedy II;
  Plautus: The Swaggering Soldier (N. Miller/Penguin)
  Plautus: The Brother Menaechmus (D. Barrett, revised by S. Dutta/Penguin)
Thursday Art and Architecture in the Greek World

Roman Britain: life in the outpost of the Empire modules may be available on Thursday and Friday, subject to requirements and demand.

N.B. These seminars are not designed for students studying the AQA syllabus. Separate seminars may be arranged subject to demand.