A2 Level Government and Politics · Edexcel (Pearson) (legacy)

Dates Available
Week 1: 1 April – 5 April
Week 2: 8 April – 12 April
Week 3: 15 April – 19 April

Edexcel (Pearson) 9GP01

Length of Course
20 hours

2pm to 6pm daily

Two courses are offered depending on whether students are studying Route B (Ideologies) or Route C (USA).

Route B
Unit 3 Introducing Political Ideologies

  • Liberalism
  • Conservatism
  • Socialism
  • Anarchism

Unit 4 Other Ideological Traditions

  • Nationalism
  • Feminism
  • Ecologism
  • Multiculturalism

Route C
Unit 3 Representative Processes in the USA

  • Elections and voting
  • Political Parties
  • Pressure Groups
  • Racial and Ethnic Politics

Unit 4 Governing the USA

  • The Constitution
  • Congress
  • Presidency
  • Supreme Court

Routes A and D not covered on this course

Extensive use will be made of past paper practice.

N.B. If a student is studying OCR or AQA specifications, please telephone the course director as these may be available subject to demand.