AS Level Chemistry · OCR

Dates Available
Week 1: 1 April – 5 April
Week 2: 8 April – 12 April
Week 3: 15 April – 19 April

OCR-A H032

Length of Course
20 hours

9am to 1pm daily

The course focuses on topics that many students find difficult. Extensive use is made of past exam questions (from the old specification) to emphasise answering techniques. Revision notes and model answers will be provided, where appropriate.

The course consists of the following topics:

Module 2 · Foundations in Chemistry

Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations
Amount of substance
Acid-base and redox reactions
Electrons, bonding and structure

Module 3 · Periodic Table and Energy

The periodic table and periodicity
Group 2 and the halogens
Qualitative analysis
Enthalpy changes
Reaction rates and equilibrium

Module 4 · Core Organic Chemistry

Basic concepts
Alcohols and haloalkanes
Organic synthesis
Analytical techniques (IR and MS)