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A Level Spanish (AQA)

A Level Spanish

Dates Available

  • Week 1: Monday 25 March – Friday 29 March
  • Week 2: Monday 1 April – Friday 5 April
  • Week 3: Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April


AQA 7692

Length of Course

40 hours


9am to 1pm daily

The aim of this Spanish revision course is to develop sound exam techniques while revising the A level content as per the AQA specification. Particular attention will be given to grammar, translation and vocabulary related to the following prescribed topics:

  • Aspects of Hispanic society
  • Artistic culture in the Hispanic world
  • Multiculturalism in Hispanic society
  • Aspects of political life in Hispanic society
  • Describing a film and a book: Techniques on writing about a Spanish film and book

Two hours each day will be devoted to the various aspects of Spanish grammar and translation which cause most difficulty. These will include: verb tenses; use of indicative and subjunctive; conditional and “if” clauses; use of infinitive; passive; pronouns; articles; adjectives; adverbs and prepositions.

The remaining hours will be spent working on board-specific exam preparation as follows:

Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Writing

Listening Section

Students will be set tasks from past papers requiring nonverbal answers (e.g. true or false exercises) as well as responses in both English and Spanish.

Reading and Writing Section

Students will be set exam-like tasks requiring non-verbal answers and responses in Spanish. They will also be given summarising tasks and cloze tests from past papers, i.e. exercises testing their knowledge.

Paper 2: Writing

Students will practise their writing and translation skills by answering exam-like questions based on the A level topics above. They will receive feedback and advice on how to
write essays in Spanish.

Paper 3: Speaking

As in the exam, speaking practice will include oral questions on articles and photos printed on stimulus cards, as well as general conversation on the Independent Research topic chosen.

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