IGCSE German (9-1)

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April
Week 2: Monday 6 - Friday 10 April 
Week 3: Monday 13 - Friday 17 April

Edexcel (pearson)

Length of Course
20 hours

2pm to 6pm daily

The course provides a structured and systematic revision of the essential IGCSE topic areas, vocabulary and grammar. Each day will involve practice in all four IGCSE skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) related to a specific section of the syllabus. German will be used as much as possible in order to consolidate the students’ awareness of the rubrics they will face in the IGCSE examination. Translation practice is also given special attention in the revision sessions.

The following aspects of grammar will be covered:

  • Articles
  • Cases and case endings
  •  Adjectives (gender and number agreement, position, comparisons)
  • Nouns
  • Verbs (present tense, perfect tense, imperfect tense, future)
  • Pronouns (relative, personal, possessive)
  • Sentence Structure

For more advanced students:

  • Conditional and If clauses
  • Use of the infinitive
  • Passive
  • Prepositions, conjunctions, time

These grammatical concepts will be explained in the context of the topics and themes outlined below to help students become adept at using them in conversational and written contexts.

The course programme is as follows:

Personal & Social Life

  • Myself, family and friends
  • Free time and social activities

Everyday Activities

  • Life at home
  • Food and drink
  • Health and fitness
  • School

The World Around Us

  • Home town and local area
  • The environment and society

The World of Work

  • Further education and work
  • Language and communication in the work place

The International World

  • Travel at home and abroad
  • World events and issues

If you are taking GCSE German please contact us and a separate course may be created subject to demand.