IGCSE Physics (9-1)

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April
Week 2: Monday 6 - Friday 10 April 
Week 3: Monday 13 - Friday 17 April

Based on Edexcel (Pearson) specification, but suitable for all IGCSE Physics specifications. This award for this specification is graded on the new 9-1 scale.

Length of Course
20 hours

2pm to 6pm daily

The course examines key topic areas and extensive use will be made of previous questions to illustrate relevant principles. The course will focus on exam technique and relating principles to applications. It will not be suitable for students studying IGCSE Double Award or for those studying Additional Science.

The course will cover the following topics:

Forces and Motion

  • Movement and 
  • Forces, Movement, Shape and Momentum
  • Astronomy


  • Mains electricity
  • Energy and potential difference in circuits
  • Electric charge


  • Properties of waves
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Light and sound

Energy resources and energy transfer

  • Energy transfer
  • Work and power
  • Energy resources and electricity generation

Solids, liquids and gases

  • Density and pressure
  • Change of state
  • Ideal gas molecules

Magnetism and electromagnetism

  • Magnetism
  • Electromagnetism

Radioactivity and particles

  • Radioactivity
  • Particles