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IGCSE Chemistry Higher Level

IGCSE Chemistry Higher Level

Dates Available

  • Week 1: 25 March – 29 March
  • Week 2: 1 April – 5 April
  • Week 3: 8 April – 12 April


Based on Edexcel (Pearson) specification.

Length of Course

20 hours


9am to 1pm daily

The course examines key topic areas and use will be made of past questions to illustrate relevant principles. Revision notes and model answers will be provided where appropriate.

This course is not suitable for students taking Additional Science. Equally, the course will be more in depth than the Dual Award Science.

We will be focussing on all aspects of the IGCSE Chemistry course, including structure and bonding; metals and reactivity series; acids and bases; the periodic table; atmosphere and the chemical industry and organic chemistry.

Section 1 Principles of chemistry
This section will focus on mole calculations; bonding and electrolysis.

Section 2 Chemistry of the elements
This section will focus on groups 1 and 7; reactivity series; tests for gases and ions; transition elements; noble gases.

Section 3 Organic chemistry
This section will focus on alkanes; alkenes and ethanol; the uses of the hydrocarbon and fractional distillation; polymers and their uses.

Section 4 Physical chemistry
This section will focus on acids and bases; equilibrium and energetics; salt formation; pH scales as a measure of the strength of acids and alkalis; identification of various cations; anions and gases.

Section 5 Chemistry in society
This section will focus on polymers and industrial processes.

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