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IGCSE History (Edexcel)

IGCSE History Edexcel

Dates Available

  • Week 1: Monday 25 March – Friday 29 March
  • Week 2: Monday 1 April – Friday 5 April
  • Week 3: Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April


Edexcel (Pearson)

Length of Course

4 hours per module


9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm daily

MPW offers a modular revision course for Modern Twentieth Century syllabuses. These half-day modules are relevant for those studying IGCSE CIE and Pearson syllabus. If you require a history module not listed below, please contact a Course Director. In order to combine History with another subject in the same week, please note the times and days of each module, which will be the same each week. We are unable to help with coursework pieces as to do so would be to interfere with work that must be vouched for as the student’s own by their regular teacher.

Only the topics listed below will be covered, though others may be available on request:

Paper 1: Depth Studies Paper code 4HI1/01

P1 Topic A:
Germany: development of dictatorship, 1918–45
The establishment of the Weimar Republic and its early
The recovery of Germany, 1924–29.
The rise of Hitler and the Nazis to January 1933.
Nazi Germany 1933–39.
Germany and the occupied territories during the Second World War.

P1 Topic B:
Dictatorship and conflict in the USSR, 1924–53
The leadership struggle, 1924–29.
Five-year Plans and collectivisation.
Purges, show trials, the cult of Stalin and the revision of history.
Life in the Soviet Union, 1924–41.
The Second World War and after, 1941–53.

P1 Topic C:
A world divided: superpower relations, 1943–72
Reasons for the Cold War.
Early developments in the Cold War, 1945–49.
The Cold War in the 1950s.
Three crises: Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia.
The Thaw and moves towards Détente, 1963–72.

P1 Topic D:
A divided union: civil rights in the USA, 1945–74
The Red Scare and McCarthyism.
Civil rights in the 1950s.
The impact of civil rights protests, 1960–74.
Other protest movements: students, women, anti–Vietnam.
President Nixon and Watergate.

Paper 2: Investigation and Breadth Studies Paper
code 4HI1/02*

P2 Topic A1:
Russia and the Soviet Union, 1905–24
Tsarist rule in Russia, 1905–14.
Opposition to Tsarist rule 1914–17: the impact of war and the February Revolution.
Provisional Government and the Bolshevik Revolution.
The Bolshevik consolidation of power and the Civil War.
War Communism and the New Economic Policy (NEP).

P2 Topic A2:
The USA, 1918–41
The Roaring Twenties.
Increased social tensions in the 1920s.
The USA in Depression, 1929–33.
Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1933–41.
The Opposition to the New Deal.

P2 Topic A3:
The Vietnam Conflict, 1945–75
The struggle against France for independence, 1945–54.
US policy and intervention, 1954–64.
Confrontation in the Vietnam War, escalation 1964–68.
Presidents Nixon and Ford’s policies – Vietnamisation, peace and Communist victory, 1969–75.
The impact of conflict on civilians in Vietnam and attitudes in the USAy.

Each topic will be offered at the following times:

Monday am P1 Topic A pm P2 Topic A1
Tuesday am P1 Topic B pm P2 Topic A2
Wednesday am P1 Topic C pm P1 Topic A
Thursday am P1 Topic D pm P2 Topic A2
Friday am P1 Topic A1 pm P2 Topic A3


It is essential that students list on the registration form the paper (either P1 or P2) and associated topics they wish to study, and the syllabus they have covered.

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