Student Comments

Hear from students who took A level or GCSE Easter Revision courses with us in March/April 2016.

AS/A level comments

"My tutor was the most competent and engaging teacher I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He clearly has a deep understanding of the course and has really helped me grasp the topics I was struggling with"
A level Maths student

"My teacher was excellent with plenty of useful mnemonics to help my understanding of the course. I now have the confidence to storm my way through past papers."
A level Biology student

"Extremely productive. Its given me an enormous confidence boost"
A level Maths student

"I have re-learned a great deal this week, more so I feel than in my normal clases. Very motivational teachers with excellent style and effectivness of teaching. Amazing resources"
AS level French student

"The tutor was really engaging. The day was very interesting and I feel I have a much better and more detailed understanding of the play. The revision guide is detailed and useful for revision. After today I feel inspired to explore the play, King Lear, further due to the enthusiasm of the tutor about the text"
A level English Literature student

"A very useful experience with very good teachers who perfectly knew what the examiners wanted. Overall, this revision course has made me more confident about my maths exams"
AS level Maths student

"Learnt more here this week than I have in school since September. Top quality stuff worth every penny"
AS level Economics student

"Has been really useful, would recommend to anyone. I feel much more prepared for my exams" AS level History of Art student

"A highly beneficial experience that puts me in good stead for success in my exams"
A level Maths student

"I found the course to be helpful not only in the theoretical aspect of the exam, but also the examination technique was invaluable. The class size of 6 made for a much more personal style of teaching"
AS level Physics student 

"I enjoyed being taught by teachers who have a passion for what they were teaching. I learnt more about the Rivals and the Wife of Bath as well as exam technique, making me feel more confident about taking the exam."
A level English Literature student

"I feel more able to get the grade I want now"
AS level Geography student

"Useful sessions. My teacher helped me expand my knowledge and adapt it to real life examples. Was able to think beyond the specification and broaden my grasp on the subject"
A level Economics student

GCSE comments

"My teacher was so good, she explained everything so well and my understanding improved so much, the class atmosphere was amazing and we all helped each other"
GCSE Maths student

"Best biology teacher of all time and I've learnt so much"
GCSE Biology student

"Excellent! Mr D is a amazing teacher! Incredibly helpful teacher, really good course notes"
GCSE Chemistry student

"A very interesting course, everything has been covered. An engaging and warm atmosphere which gives a better chance of learning"
GCSE History student

"My teacher was really amazing. I have so much more confidence and I understand so much more that I did before. Would recommend to anyone who is struggling, she has made a positive difference in my Latin."
GCSE Latin student

"Great, 10 out of 10, didn’t just learn Chemistry but learnt many good life lessons as well"
GCSE Chemistry student

"The help received by my tutor was top notch. I am very impressed with this course"
GCSE French student

"The teacher was excellent at explaing the question, provided excellent resources and was very good at teaching. One of the best maths lessons I have ever had"
GCSE Maths student

"Very helpful. I feel like I have gone up a grade or two"
GCSE Physics student