IGCSE French 

The course

By learning a foreign language, you give yourself the chance to see the world in a different way. You can explore a new culture and access films, plays and books as they were meant to be seen and read. You will also increase your employability as there is always a demand for people who can speak more than one language across a very wide range of careers. In this course, you will develop your knowledge of the French language and culture through studying five different areas: (i) home and abroad; (ii) education and employment; (iii) house, home and daily routines; (iv) the modern world and the environment; and (v) social activities,  fitness and health.

What skills do I need?

You need an interest in languages and the culture of another country and its people.

How is the course assessed?

The Edexcel IGCSE in French consists of three papers. In Unit 1 (Listening), you will be required to listen to a range of factual and non-factual material in different contexts and in different registers. You will be assessed on your ability to identify and note main points, to deduce the meaning of words from context, to extract specific details, to identify points of view, to show some understanding of unfamiliar language, and to recognise attitudes, emotions and opinions. The paper lasts 45 minutes (40 minutes + 5 minutes reading time) and is worth 25% of the total marks. 

In Unit 2 (Reading and Writing), you will be tested on your ability to understand and use information from a range of texts. In the first extended writing task you will be required to write about 50 words in French. The response will be assessed for communication, content knowledge and application of language. For the second piece of extended writing, you will select one writing task from a choice of three. You will be expected to write a continuous response of about 150 words and you will be expected to express opinions and to use a variety of structures, including a range of tenses. The paper lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and is worth 50% of the total marks. 

In Unit 3 (Speaking), you have two tasks. In Section A, you will give a presentation about a picture you have chosen (1 minute) and a conversation with the interviewer about the picture will follow for up to 3 minutes. In Section B, you will be required to take part in conversations with the interviewer on two separate topic areas (6 minutes). These topic areas will be chosen by the interviewer and will be different from the topic area for Section A. The total duration of the exam is around 10 minutes and is worth 25% of the total marks.


Easy Learning French Dictionary and Grammar
Published by Collins, ISBN 978-0007299416

Exam Board and Specification Code

Pearson-Edexcel 4FR0

Ana Abad Jara
Head of Department