Brenda Yilin Guo

 London G16

This year the MPW Art Prize was awarded to Yilin Guo (known to us all as Brenda). Brenda has undertaken two creative art courses in Art and Design and Textiles and from the immediate start she proved to have the qualities of a potential art undergraduate.

Brenda’s natural talent, highly creative approach and consistent hard work in both Art and Textiles has made her a thoroughly deserving recipient of this year’s MPW Art Prize. Brenda has been an exemplary student with a strong vision; she also fully absorbs herself in the process of executing her ideas through detailed and exciting investigations in alternative and personal ways. Always willing to extend herself and experiment with alternative approaches in painting, drawing and three-dimensional techniques it was rewarding to see her confidence and ability flourish.

Her sketchbooks show a real visual imagination at work, alongside a careful approach to various techniques and experiments. Particularly striking are her textile pieces, which combine beautiful surfaces but in a framework of decay. In Brenda’s work, fragments of broken texture are delicately framed and outlined with cut-out gold-foil paper to create evocative, often otherworldly textile pieces. Her drawings and paintings are often inspired by the fine, sometimes blurred, line between truth and fantasy.

Brenda has a sociable member of her class and is inspirational and encouraging to be around, popular with her fellow students and a great asset to the group. Brenda always enjoyed learning and sharing ideas with her peers.  She sets high standards for herself and in her outcomes showed a high level of perfection in their execution.

We wish her all the best for her future studies at UAL - Wimbledon College of Art.

Greg Ioannou
Head of Art