Fahrid Chishty

Fahrid Chishty

Fahrid is one of our brightest students, but his interests are by no means limited to the academic subjects in which he excels.

He was born and raised in Warwick and attended our sister college, MPW Birmingham, to take his GCSEs, in which he achieved a string of A and A* grades. His favourite subjects were already English and History, but he also showed a facility in French and German. In 2011, his father was appointed Commander for the Metropolitan Police and so the family moved to London. At the age of 15 he won an academic scholarship to study A-levels at MPW London, which seemed the natural choice since he had really enjoyed and benefited from the style of teaching at MPW Birmingham. He chose History, English Literature and French as subjects straightaway, adding Politics as a fourth AS on the basis of an interest in the international scene, especially the United Nations.

In his own words, he has “absolutely loved every minute” of his two years in the sixth form here: “the lessons, the subjects, the teachers, the students, the social life – it was all fantastic!” He has been a member of the school council and has also enjoyed the Debating Society, Philosophy hour with Steve Petford and writing for the school magazine (not to mention table tennis every Friday!). One of his proudest moments was at the Summer Ball after his A2 exams, when he was voted the “Student most likely to win a Nobel Prize”. He singles out the Director of Studies system for particular praise, saying that his own DOS, Petrouchka Stafford, “was amazing, and really looked after me”.

He also maintained a broad range of outside interests. Last summer, he interned at the NGO Faith-Matters and produced an academic monograph on women’s rights in Islam, which is set for publication this summer. In the autumn of 2012, he performed Hajj – the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca. He has also been to several high-profile events this year, including at the House of Lords, Lambeth Palace, Lancaster House, Chatham House, the US Embassy and the Pakistani High Commission, all concerned with aspects of current and international affairs. In the summer of 2013, he was selected as a delegate to represent Britain at an international conference on counter-extremism, funded and sponsored by the EU. In his spare time he enjoys watching films and TV (especially “The Borgias”), playing cricket, travelling and learning about different cultures and ideas. He takes an interest in art history and works at the V&A every Thursday. He achieved four As in his AS exams, as well as the top mark in our scholarship exam. At A2, he continued with English (particularly enjoying the works of Conrad, Yeats, Pinter, Webster and Milton), History (in which he found the Cold War and Russia 1855-1964 equally fascinating) and Politics.

It was the last subject that led on to his choice of degree: he has a place to study LLB Politics, Philosophy and Law at King’s College London. It is a brand new, tripartite degree taught at Somerset House and he relishes the prospect of its interdisciplinary nature: he will qualify in Law, whilst being able to explore related subjects along the way (all linked to an interest in Enlightenment thought). He has been fortunate enough to win a generous Dickson Poon scholarship to King’s. The assessment criteria were: LNAT score, two essays (one on the future of lawyers, and the other on personal career aspirations), and predicted A-level grades (A*A*A).

As for the future, he would like to qualify as a barrister, and practise some form of international/human rights law, perhaps at the UN or FCO or at The Hague. In the longer run, he would like to work in the field of diplomacy, particularly in the Middle East region. He would like to take this opportunity to express his gratitude: to his parents, “for all of their help and support, always”, and to his teachers, for their “aid, encouragement and holistic